Joshua Tree 3D Galleries



Aiguille de Joshua Tree (See also Lost Horse Valley)

Arroyo Antiguo (See also Wonderland Hillside ♦ Far East)

Balanced Rock at Malapai Hill

Barker Dam

  • Barker Dam
  • Barker Dam Summer Oasis & Winter Reflections
  • Piano Valley
  • Barker Dam Hilltop View
  • Echo Rock Area
  • The Candy Bar

Barker Dam Summer Oasis 2013 3D Gallery

Barker Dam Summer Oasis 2013 2D Gallery

Barker Dam Winter Reflections 2017

Becky’s Buttress

Belle Campground

Black Rock

  • Campground
  • High View Nature Loop Trail
  • 2016 Joshua Tree Superblooms
  • Covington Flats ♦ Upper, Lower, and Clouds

Candlestein Pass

Cap Rock

Cave Corridor (See also Sheep Pass)

Cholla Cactus Garden (See also Pinto Basin)

Comic Book Area

Conan’s Corridor (See also Jumbo Rocks)


  • Campground
  • Palm Oasis
  • Mastodon Peak
  • Mastodon Mine

Covington Flats

  • Lower Covington Flat
  • Upper Covington Flat
  • 2016 Joshua Tree Superblooms
  • Vivid clouds

Desert Queen Mine Area

  • Desert Queen Mine
  • Rock Climbing Formations
  • Eagle Cliff Mine
  • Snake Wash & D.Q. Dam
  • Mother Load Wall Area

Echo Rock (See also Barker Dam)

  • Echo Rock & Echo Cove
  • Rock Formations within The Candy Bar group
  • Piano Valley
  • Separate 3D and 2D Gallery Pages

Forgotten Canyon at Indian Cove

New Feb 2018

  • Big Top
  • Defender Block
  • The Gossip Column
  • Little Top

Garrett’s Arch (See also Wonderland Valley)

Geology Tour Road

  • Towers of Uncertainty Overview (See also Towers of Uncertainty)
  • Virgin Islands
  • East Virgin Islands
  • Malapai Hill & Balanced Rock
  • Squaw Tank
  • Pleasant Valley

Golden Bell Mine

Grand Tank

Hall of Horrors

  • 2103 Joshua Tree Superbloom
  • Hall of Horrors
  • King Dome
  • Hilltop 360° View of Lost Horse Valley
  • Saddle Rocks
  • Cowboy Crag
  • The Oyster Bar
  • Love Nest & Planet X Bouldering

Hemingway (See also Lost Horse Valley)

Hidden Valley (a.k.a. “Real Hidden Valley”)

  • Hidden Valley Loop Trail ♦ Named Formations
  • Hidden Valley Picnic Area ♦ Thumb Rock ♦ Golden Hour
  • Hidden Valley Turtle Rocks & Bouldering Area
  • Hidden Valley Parking Area Rocks
  • Hidden Valley Roadside Rocks
  • The Land that Time Forgot

Hidden Valley Campground

  • Peewee & The Cyclops
  • Intersection Rock to The Blob
  • Chimney Rock & The Wall
  • Outback West (Patagonia Pile, etc.)
  • Outback East (Rock Hudson, etc.)
  • The Rusty Wall

High Noon @ Super Creeps (See also Lost Horse Valley)

  • Super Creeps Wall
  • Super Heroes Wall

Hill Street Blues

Indian Cove

New Dec 2017

  • Group Campground
  • Campground Entrance Formations
  • King Otto’s Castle
  • Moosedog Tower Area
  • Nature Trail
  • Rattlesnake Canyon Picnic Area
  • … and More

Indian Cove Campground ♦ Group Campsites

New Oct 2017

Indian Cove Nature Trail

New Nov 2017

Indian Cove Western Wilderness ♦ Part 1Part 2

New Additions Feb 2018

Ivanpah Tank(s) (See also Jumbo Rocks)

Johns Camp & Loveland

  • Johns Camp Mining Area
  • Loveland and Old Habitation Site with Car

Johnson Canyon

New Nov 2017

Joshua Trees ♦ Superbloom 2013

Joshua Trees ♦ Bloom 2015

Joshua Trees ♦ Superbloom 2016

Joshua Trees ♦ Belle Campground Bloom 2017

Jumbo Rocks (See also Split Rock)

  • Approach ♦ Skull Rock Area
  • Jumbo Rocks Campground
  • Jumbo Rocks Corridor
  • Juniper and Rock Spire
  • Face Rock ♦ The Wedge ♦ Balanced Rock
  • Live Oak Picnic Area ♦ The Pope’s Hat
  • Ivanpah Tank(s)
  • The Hen House
  • Zebra Cliffs & Crown Prince Lookout
  • Conan’s Corridor Nature Trail
  • …and much more

Jumbo Rocks Corridor

  • Corridor ♦ Sky King Rock Area
  • Views of Zebra Cliffs

Keys Corner (See North Wonderland)

Keys Ranch (a.k.a. Desert Queen Ranch)

Keys View

King Otto’s Castle

New Nov 2017

Live Oak Picnic Area (See also Jumbo Rocks)

  • The Pope’s Hat
  • Ivanpah Tank
  • The Henhouse

Lost Horse Mine

  • Mine
  • Queen Valley Overlook
  • Loop Trail

Lost Horse Ranger Station

  • Super Heroes to Ranger Station Wall
  • Hill Street Blues
  • S Crack Formation
  • Picnic Area

Lost Horse Valley

14 Separate Galleries

  • Pet Rock ♦ Jellystone
  • Roadside Rock to Mel’s Diner
  • Freeway Wall ♦ Rock Garden Valley
  • Lost Horse Wall Area
  • Imaginary Voyage to Atlantis
  • Uncle Remus ♦ Aiguille de Joshua Tree
  • Houser Buttress to Jimmy Cliff
  • Super Creeps ♦ Super Heroes
  • Lost Horse Ranger Station Area
  • Hemingway
  • Roadside Rocks
  • The Aviary to Hit Man Rock
  • 2015 Winter Snow Scenes

Lost Horse Valley, Uplands

Lost Pencil (See also Towers of Uncertainty)

Love Nest, The (See also Planet X)

Lucky Boy Vista

Malapai Hill (See also Geology Tour Road)

Moosedog Tower

New Nov 2017

Munchkinland (See also Oz Area)

Nolinas Magnifique (See also North Wonderland)

North Wonderland

  • Special Nolina & Joshua Tree Blossom galleries
  • Parking Lot Rocks
  • Brownie Girl Dome area
  • The Seitch, Mustang Ranch and Bear Island
  • Ellsmere Island and Gilligans Island
  • Outward Bound Slab to Financial Wall
  • The Middle Kingdom ♦ Outer Mongolia
  • North Wonderland: Atom Smashers to Grey Giant
  • Willow Hole

Oz Area

  • Munchkinland
  • Pinto Wye Arrastra

Park Boulevard Bouldering Area (See The Foundry)

Parking Lot Rocks (See also North Wonderland)

Piano Valley (See Barker Dam)

Pine City (See also Queen Valley)

Pinto Basin

  • Pinto Mountain & Basin Views
  • Turkey Flat ♦ Sand Dunes
  • Octillos ♦ Cholla Cactus Garden
  • Hexie Mountains
  • Golden Bell Mine

Pinto Basin “Car Wash” (Goto Cali49 LINK)

Pinto Wye Arrastra

Pinto Wye Minesite #2

New Apr 2018

Pixar Wall to Rockworks Rock

Planet X and The Love Nest

Special Planet X Bouldering 2D Gallery

Pleasant Valley

Quail Springs Area

  • The Maze & Lizard’s Landing area
  • Samuelson’s Rocks
  • The Negropolis ♦ Vagmarkken Buttress
  • Quail Springs Picnic Area ♦ Trashcan Rock
  • Hound Rocks ♦ White Cliffs of Dover
  • APFA Rock ♦ Erotic Dome Group
  • 2015 Winter Snow Scenes
  • Quail Springs Pumphouse

Quail Springs Pumphouse

Queen Valley

  • “Uncle Willie’s Health Food Store”
  • Wall Street Mill ♦ Windmill ♦ Rusty Old Automobiles
  • Worth Bagley “Tombstone”
  • Queen Mountain ♦ Cirque of the Climbables
  • Pictograph Area
  • Negro Hill
  • Pine City
  • Clouds & Late-summer Flora

Rattlesnake Canyon Picnic Area

New Nov 2017

Roadside Rocks (See also Hidden Valley and Lost Horse Valley)

  • The Mile Post Area
  • Pep Boy’s Crag to Jam or Slam Formations
  • Exterior Hidden Valley Formations
  • Bouldering Area
  • The Land that Time Forgot

Rock Garden Valley (See Also Lost Horse Valley)

Ryan Campground & Headstone Rock

  • Campground ♦ “The Manure Pile”
  • Headstone Rock

Ryan Ranch Ruins

  • Ryan Ranch Ruins
  • Pump Station
  • Lost Rocks

Saddle Rocks

Samuelson’s Rocks

Small World (See also Sheep Pass)

Sheep Pass

  • Campground
  • Small World Cliff
  • Queen Valley Playa
  • Cave Corridor at Ryan Mtn. Trailhead

Skull Rock (See also Jumbo Rocks)

Snake Wash

Split Rock Area

  • Split Rock & Picnic Area
  • Split Rock 2-Mile Loop Trail
  • West Tiers Summit Vista

Squaw Tank

Steve Canyon

Stirrup Tank

Surprise Tank ♦ 3D Gallery (See also Towers of Uncertainty)

Surprise Tank ♦ 2D Gallery

The Candy Bar

  • Snickers ♦ Little Rock Candy Mountain
  • Little Hunk ♦ Big Hunk ♦ The Chair
  • Mounds ♦ Anasazi Wall
  • … and much more

The Foundry

  • The Foundry ♦ Slump Rock
  • JBMFP Bouldering Area ♦ False Up 20
  • Hidden Tower ♦ Wailing Wall
  • Wall Street ♦ The Red Burrito Area
  • Texas Boulder Area

The Galapagos

The Hen House

New Apr 2018

The Land that Time Forgot

The Maze ♦ Lizard’s Landing

The Outback West 1West 2East 1East 2

The Oyster Bar ♦ Cowboy Crags

The Pope’s Hat

The Rusty Wall

Tidal Wave Bouldering Area

  • Hidden Valley Outback
  • Voices & Tilt-o-Meter Boulders
  • Tidal Wave Area ♦ Dino’s Egg ♦ Tidal Wave Boulder
  • The Heap ♦ Patagonia Pile ♦ The Blob Boulders

Towers of Uncertainty ♦ South, North, Hills

“Uncle Willie’s Health Food Store” (See also Queen Valley)

Virgin Islands ♦ East Virgin Islands

Wall Street Mill (See also Queen Valley)

White Tank Campground

  • Arch Rock ♦ Nature Trail
  • White Tank ♦ Grand Tank

Willow Hole (See also North Wonderland)

Wonderland Valley

  • South Wonderland Approach ♦ “The Creature”
  • West: Astro Domes Area & Don Juan Boulder
  • East: Freak Bros. Dome ♦ Punk Rock ♦ The Weenie
  • Central 1: Duckwaddle Domes ♦  Disneyland Dome
  • Central 2: Diarrhea Dome Area (pending)
  • Far East: Wonderland Wash ♦ Hike to Garrett’s Arch
  • Near East ♦ Wall Street Mill area formations

Wonderland Hillside ♦ Far East

  • Near East Scenes
  • Panorama Viewpoint
  • Black Rock Arroyo ♦ Red Barrel Cactus Community
  • Garrett’s Arch Area…
  • …And Beyond ♦ Don Genero Cliff

Zebra Cliffs


Updated 2018 May