Barker Dam ♦ Oasis 2

42 Days Later ♦ 2013 Oct 23

Barker Dam Joshua Tree NP DSCF6549w


Barker Dam Oasis ♦ 2013 Sep 11

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3D Anaglyphs first and require redcyan glasses to view properly. 3D Half Side-by-Side and 2D Galleries at bottom of page.


  • Use glasses to view 3D Anaglyphs
  • Click pictures to Enlarge

Barker Dam Joshua Tree NP 3DA 1080p DSCF6549w

A HITCHHIKER’S MONTH GOES BY. Forty-two days later, I am joined by my friend Jim (“Bucko”) Clutterbuck. Bucko and I used to work for the same Leading Numismatory Establishment back in the 1970s in Hollywood when we were youths. We’d spent the day surveying the eastern end of Wonderland of Rocks, what the rock-climbers call the “Far East”—or, to be more precise, the rolling slope that looks out across and down into the Monzogranite creations within the Wonderland of Rocks, Far East. You can find a Gallery or two of Wonderland Hillside Far East sets posted for your viewing pleasure.

Bucko gettin personal 3DAFor now, a teaser. See Bucko earlier this same day, Oct. 23, engaging in his usual pranks vis a vis a red barrel cactus up along the “rolling slope” referred to in the previous paragraph—largest that I have ever come across in JTNP →

Later, I asked him if he’d like to see Barker Dam.

This page contains the pond at Barker Dam with Bucko sitting on a rock, the pond still ringed by desert yellow-green varietals, with grasses and scrawny little willow trees dominating. I call it Oasis 2. Though only about 25% filled, Barker Dam is still as beautiful as ever, calm and reflective, serene, like looking fixedly into a mirror.

The seasonal large white flowers around Joshua Tree and here at Barker Dam are jimson weed (Datura stramonium). Sometimes called simply datura, or Devil’s snare. This may be your first look at them in 3D on a website. Jimson is poisonous. Do not let your offspring chew on it, or—if you rode in the old fashioned way as I often do—keep your donkey tethered away. Neither will appreciate the experience! (I warned Bucko, since anyone who would attempt to kiss a giant red barrel cactus is necessarily careless about such things.)



3D Anaglyph ♦ For Comparison

(Click to Enlarge. Sit 3 feet back for the middle one!)


After that incredible shot with extreme Negative Parallax on the Datura, I assume you are dam-ready for some easier-on-the-eye, beautiful pond studies!

I had been eager to get back to Barker & Queen Valley since my last trip to Barker Dam, Piano Valley and Echo Rocks where Fortune gave me the opportunity to photograph the reflective pool. This time the water level had gone down some. Often, Nature provides us compensation: We had the benefit of photographing this lovely little haven with the golden late-afternoon colors highlighting it. Bucko had his Canon high-def video cam, while I lugged my pint-sized point-and-shoot Fuji 3D gadget. A marvelous technological innovation! There are only a few photographs in this set. I took several short video clips too, and have embedded one of them for viewing. Please excuse any little irregularities in the Anaglyph’s video quality. Use your red/cyan glasses to watch. I hope you enjoy the 3D experience. — Murbachi

First, the Boring Stuff

Lest I Forget

See that nicely formed hill over there shaped like [insert your Favorite Movie Actress’s name here]’s breast? We climbed it. Bucko & I. Back in March 2013. Oh, all right, we climbed the lesser bump right beside [insert your Favorite Movie Actress’s name here]’s breast. Too lazy, I suppose, to go for the taller lump in the time available. You 3D aficionados are in luck, however! Several dozen raven’s-eye view 3D pictures from that high perch are posted in another Fine Murbachi Barker Dam Gallery. Please visit it (link opens new tab in your browser). Thank you!

Oasis 2 20131023 3DA 1080p DSCF6575

Slow afternoon at Barker Dam parking lot

Serene Scene


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery


2D Gallery


This ends the Oasis 2 post. Thank you for visiting


Posted 2014 Oct 17

Updated 2017 Nov 10

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