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Main Formations

Pixar Wall

Lost Mule Wall

Rockworks Rock & Bed Rock

Rockworks Rock left, Bed Rock right

Rockworks Rock left, Bed Rock right

Although the formation is small, Rockworks Rock plays host to 17 climbs. Routes include such memorable names as: “Rockwork Orange,” “Rocky vs. Rambo,” “Flaming Arrow,” and “Rain Dance.” Part of the northern wall is now closed to all climbing, however. Native American rock art exists in this area, and climbers have voluntarily removed all affected routes. Please respect this section if you visit the site.

Across a narrow gully climbers have staked out their favorites on a little block they call Bed Rock atop the pile. Bed Rock, despite its diminutive size, has some medium to difficult routes, including one 5.13a/b mega three-bolt challenge known as “Moondance.” Others are “Hard Science,” “Soft Core,” “Barnie Rubble,” “Pebbles and Bam Bam,” “Evolutionary Throwback,” “Meanderthal,” and “Satin Finish.”


Rockworks Rock

AVID 3D PHOTOGRAPHERS (and, okay, rock-climbers as well), who find The Candy Bar and Echo Rock/Echo Cove areas too crowded for their druthers, can wander farther afield to more off-the-beaten track rock climbs few know about.

One such secluded place lies along the northern edge of Piano Valley. You can see the wall of Wonderland of Rocks from The Candy Bar in the initial block of four photographs above. Approach from a dirt turnout on Keys Ranch Road, a short ways beyond Echo Cove. From here, Pixar Wall hillside is only a hop, skip and a jump from the turnout, while about 1,000 yards hike along the base of the hills takes you ‘around the bend’ as it were, to the Lost Mule Wall. Joshua Tree NP has a very sizable Lost Horse Valley, and an equally stately Lost Horse Wall. It stands to reason Lost Mule Wall would be, shall we say, less commanding? In a word, except for its noticeable dark desert-brown varnish color, Lost Mule is lost among the other boulders and bumps on its hillside overlooking Piano Valley.

I have centered the Google Earth satellite capture on Lost Mule Wall. At the very bottom can be found Little Hunk, which is part of The Candy Bar climbing formations. There are three Native American pictograph caves located in this northern end of Piano Valley: one close to Lost Mule Wall and indicated on the map, with two others on the northeast face of Rockworks Rock. Friend Elliot Koeppel of Cali49.com fame visited two of the three caves which he describes on his website HERE and HERE. (Links open new windows in your browser.)


2D Gallery

View of The Candy Bar formations across the way from Rockworks Rock


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3D Anaglyph Gallery

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Posted 2016 Oct 1

Updated 2017 Nov 10