Black Rock

Campground and Hi-View Nature Trail

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Black Rock Joshua Tree NP DSCF3618

Hi-View Nature Trail, looking north, community of Yucca Valley in middle-distance

Trek date: 2016 Mar 25. Wayfarers Murbachi & E!

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Joshua Tree Superbloom 2016


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Black Rock Campground Joshua Tree NP DSCF3500

Campground blossoms

Hi-View Trail Star Performer

Hi-View Star Attraction

MARCH 25 AND THE JOSHUA TREES WERE PUTTING ON QUITE A SHOW. My fellow explorer Elliot Koeppel (aka E!) drove us to Joshua Tree National Park in his bright red pickup, where our first destinations were Black Rock campground and the Black Rock Hi-View Nature Loop trail. (Now there’s a mouthful.) We had been to Joshua Tree NP the previous month and were aware that the Joshuas were experiencing a superbloom cycle this year. Sure enough, they gave us quite a display. One performer in particular took center stage!

The Hi-View trail provides outstanding views of snow-capped Mount San Gorgonio and the high-desert community of Yucca Valley, with the Mojave Desert stretching out to infinity beyond. At the highest point of the trail, there is a notebook in a register box where you can sign your name. There is a great view down the canyon we had just hiked up. Elevation, about 4,300 feet. It is here that we met Cal Fire servicemen Tanner and Jason climbing up the trail from below and asked them to pose in front of the San Bernardino Mountains for us…

After our morning stroll up Black Rock’s nature trail, we crossed over the wide valley to Lower and Upper Covington Flats. I feature these in the second Gallery, linked to above. Reading Patty Furbush’s “On Foot in Joshua Tree National Park” hiking guide, we realized ahead of time that this area of the park, Black Rock in particular, has much lusher vegetation than elsewhere in the higher Mojave Desert elevations.

Spotlight on a Star Performer

Campground Area with Views from The Loop Trail

The Black Rock Ranger Station offers a special room set aside for interpretative displays and hiking trail maps, a retail store, and very helpful staff. The campground is set among a thick grove of Joshua Trees and other high-desert foliage including junipers and oaks.

↓  Campground

A Touch of E!

Black Rock Hi-View Trail DSCF3573

Hi-View Nature Trail

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3D Anaglyph Gallery 1 ♦ Campground

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3D Anaglyph Gallery 2 ♦ Star Performer

3D Anaglyph Gallery 3 ♦ Hi-View Trail


A Touch of 3D E!

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3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

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Thank you for visiting Black Rock, the ideal picnic or camping spot with may trails to explore in every direction. Be sure to wear comfortable hiking boots.

John Murbach

Temple City, California


Posted 2016 Apr 3

Updated 2017 Nov 4