Little Hunk


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(2D images first. 3D Galleries further down the page will require redcyan glasses to see the full 3D effect. Click Photos to Enlarge.)

Trek date: 2016 Sep 3. Explorers: E! & Murbachi


The Main Attraction

  • Little Hunk (Up Close)
  • Mounds
  • Arch Rock
  • Abstract Roller Disco Block
  • The Unflappable-E!
Abstract Roller Disco Block is a large fin on the side of Little Hunk

Abstract Roller Disco Block is this large fin on Little Hunk

In a Supporting Role

  • Piano Valley
  • Big Hunk
  • Pixar Wall ♦ Eva Slab ♦ Walee Rock
  • T-Red

Related Destinations

Echo Rock to Paino Valley

Echo Cove to Rusty Wall


Little Hunk from Afar

IT MIGHT NOT RISE HIGH, but Little Hunk at Joshua Tree National Park skirts a fair bit around the base of its taller sibling, Big Hunk. You can tell from this far shot, that I took while standing 50ft up the slope of Barker Dam’s Valhalla Dome, the Little Hunk formation stretches out both sides. There are the two north- to northeast-trending walls on the right, and (from this distance) a diminutive The Chair like a top hat on the other end. A rather luxuriant-looking L-shaped Piano Valley surrounds and is crisscrossed with hiking trails for those who care to explore.

At the base of the north wall (right) is where Elliot photographed the Native American pictograph. Link to his web page HERE.

little-hunk-joshua-tree-np-dscf4531a-copyMy plan was to complete close-up galleries of Little Hunk, Mounds, a small arch rock at the north end of Mounds, and Little Hunk’s climbing features. Little Hunk’s main climber-named areas consist of The Chair, The Solarium, Abstract Roller Disco Block, and West Face, while on the north side, Little Hunk’s Right Wall, Left Wall, and (hopefully) the hard to get to The Shady Grove. We never got to The Shady Grove due to the effort (scrambling) involved.

Meanwhile, the main objective for E! was to locate a Native American pictograph site known to be at the base of Little Hunk’s north-facing wall. Rock climbing guides had years ago warned their aficionados to leave this area undisturbed. They even went so far as to post a route closure sign there.

We parked at a dirt turnout along Keys Ranch Road. Our starting point was slightly north of Echo Cove (a pile of jumbled granite with an inviting ‘cove’ hosting a couple of challenging rock-climbing walls). Along the west side of the road, the Cohn Ranch property. Northeast of where Elliot parked T-Red is a much closer hill north of the road that has three obscure climbing outcrops: Pixar Wall, Eva Slab, and Walee Rock.

Our destination was only a few hundred yards east. The first stop, Mounds with the small Arch Rock curiosity at its northwestern tip.

2D Gallery ♦ Mounds, Arch, Unflappable-E!

Mounds, North & East Sides

Mounds, West Side

The main rock climbing routes can be found on the west side boulders up top of this small rock pile: “Deep Throat,” “Behind the Green Door,” “Caligula,” and (on the north end) “Eff Eight.”


Mounds, with The Chair atop Little Hunk, and Big Hunk beyond, taken Sep 2013


2D Gallery ♦ Little Hunk

West Side


“Classic Josh friction climbing on an unbroken section of dome,” notes rock-climbing author Robert Miramontes about Little Hunk’s western face. Noteworthy is a long diagonal right-slanting dike (illustrated above), a 160ft climb they’ve named “Trespassers Will Be Violated”—while other routes nearby include “Go for Broke,” “Crash Course,” “Torturer’s Apprentice,” “Gun Shy,” “Official Rubber Tester,” “Groundhog Day,” “The Compassion of the Elephants,” and 130ft “Connie’s High Step.” Next in line is the huge flake leaning against the dome, with “Tin God,” and “Abstract Roller Disco.” The latter is a 65ft, difficult 5.11a climb whose namesake this is. Further right are The Solarium, The East Corner, and The Chair. All with genuinely spellbinding route names.

North Side

This area is thick with groves of scrub oak and a few pines and has Native American sites. Please respect any that you may encounter in the area.

Piano Valley

Piano Valley, with Little Hunk at far right

Pixar Wall, Eve Slab and Walee Rock hillside

Pixar Wall, Eva Slab and Walee Rock hillside

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3D Anaglyph Gallery

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3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

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Posted 2016 Sep 27

Updated 2017 Nov 4