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Trek date: 2013 Oct 13

Wonderland Far East Hillside 02d black rock zoneTHE MOST STRIKING FEATURE of this next section of the Far East hillside is the noticeable dark brown to jet-black field about 500 yards wide that sweeps half a mile up a distant secluded valley to the tall rock-climbing pinnacles on the hillside.

DSCF7031aThe rock climbers describe this part of the Wonderland as the Far East. Most of the views are into and across the Wonderland aiming either West or Southwest. Half a mile further north, the area becomes ‘Lost in the Wonderland.’

DSCF7014There are many formations that have names. The closest to the black rock field are Garrett’s Arch and Bighorn Dome. Some a little further away are also rather humorous bordering on salacious, like Bighorn Mating Grotto, Sheepbugger’s Wall, The Refrigerator, Poodle Smasher’s Area, and a large block or boulder that gives its name to cliff-face, Don Genero Boulder. Due to its proximity to the cliff base, I was unable to photograph Don Genero Boulder.

DSCF7401The combo of White Tank monzogranite and black rocks overlapping in this region adds many photo opportunities. Furthermore, the silvery chollas and yellow-green prickly pear cacti with their glistening needles add unusual splashes to the finished 3D display. At the northern extremity of this region where the dark rocks terminate, the cliff-face increases in height, rising to about 125ft. Don Genero Boulder lies at the base of the cliff whose namesake provides the scenic rise along which I hiked, snapping 3D pictures by the score.

The present Gallery covers the black rock field. The next two Galleries continue with Don Genero Cliff proper.

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3D Anaglyph Gallery


3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

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This ends the Black Rock Field to Don Genero Cliff Gallery. I hope that you found some interesting pictures to view! Thank you.

John Murbach


Posted 2015 Aug 11

Updated 2016 May 14

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