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From over 50 Park Visits Since 2012

This Introductory Page contains 2D Samples exclusively from the 2D/3D Favorites Galleries below. I selected the Galleries for their 3D composition, variety and interest; some of the best examples of what 3D can achieve in the remarkable Joshua Tree National Park setting. I hope you enjoy them. The following Galleries will include 30 to 40 each of 2D, 3D Anaglyph, and 3D Half Side-by-Side images which you can view or download for later. The Half Side-by-Sides are ready for 3D-capable wide-screen televisions. The 2D pictures are the camera’s original 4K resolution (size 3584×2106 pixels), while the 3D photos are full 1080p (2K) quality.

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John Murbach


Posted 2018 Nov 14

Updated 2019 Dec 20