Hidden Valley ♦ Turtle Rock

And Bouldering Area

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Turtle Rock, view from Hidden Valley entrance


Turtle Rock & Boulders (this page)

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Hidden Valley Named Formations

Picnic Area Rocks ♦ “Thumb” Rock

Parking Lot Rocks

SITUATED AT THE SOUTHERN END of Wonderland of Rocks, the beautiful landscape around Hidden Valley presents the 3D Photographer with extremes of light, seasonal shadow, afternoon color, and weather, play upon and among the rock formations. Because of Hidden Valley’s varied attractions, I decided to separate this area into several Galleries. What rock-climbers call the “Real Hidden Valley”—but the Park Service and the visitors refer to simply as “Hidden Valley”—is the Main Attraction. To the west lies an area sometimes mistaken for “Hidden Valley” and referred to in the rock-climbing guides as “Lost Horse Area,” which has a separate Gallery link.

Dominating Hidden Valley’s large parking lot is “Turtle Rock” with a jumble of small peaks and boulders behind, known collectively as Turtle Rock Bouldering.

A large formation, Turtle Rock lies 150 yards south of the main parking area for the Real Hidden Valley. Climbers have established routes on most faces of this impressive formation. The area to the southwest of Turtle Rock sports some favorite bouldering rocks in Joshua Tree, including “The Cluster,” “Pillars of Pain,” “Flaky Boulder,” “Wedge Boulder,” “Wave Boulder,” “Turnbuckle Boulder,” “So High Boulder,” “Largo Boulder,” and “Shipwreck Boulder.”


2D Gallery ♦ Turtle Rock & Bouldering Area

(Click to Enlarge)


  •  Use glasses to view 3D Anaglyphs
  • Click to Enlarge Photos

3D Anaglyph Gallery ♦ Turtle Rock

You are invited to download the 3D Anaglyph and 3D Half Side-by-Side photographs. Share them with friends. If you have a 2D television, you may view the 3D Anaglyphs on it using the red-cyan glasses. Copy the image files to a USB flash drive (thumb drive) and insert it into the USB slot on your television to view the JPG photographs.

The 3D Half Side-by-Side images should only be saved if you have access to a 3D-capable TV. Otherwise viewing them properly will not be possible. (The Anaglyphs, being something of a compromise designed for projecting on a 2D screen, lose some detail and color in the conversion process.)


3D Anaglyph Gallery ♦ Bouldering Area


3D Half Side-by-Side ♦ Turtle Rock & Bouldering


Thank you for visiting the Turtle Rock, Hidden Valley page. This is a popular picnic spot that has nooks, crannies, and caves to explore, as well as (on the south side) an historic Native American pictograph site.

John Murbach


Posted 2015 Feb 28

Updated 2017 Nov 9





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