The Outback ♦ West Part 2

The Aviary to Hit Man Rock

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  • The Aviary
  • Watts Towers
  • X-Factor Dome
  • Labor Dome
  • The Heap
  • Knockout Rock
  • Hit Man Rock

Across Park Blvd. from The Aviary

Roadside Rocks 1

Roadside Rocks 2


THE FIRST OF THESE IS A TRIPLET. The Aviary Group or Area includes several formations on the east side of Park Boulevard (opposite Roadside Rocks to the west). As usual, the hills and boulder piles have been given clever, often times ludicrous nicknames by Joshua Tree’s formidable rock climbers.

X-Factor Dome

X-Factor Dome

The initial threesome I just referred to includes The Aviary, Watts Towers, and X-Factor Dome, with a small fourth formation known as Knockout Rock about 100 yards west of Watts Towers. The Aviary is the left-most feature and lies about 150 yards east of the road, roughly opposite the Playhouse Rock & Pep Boys Crag areas where there is a turnout with convenient parking. The property to the north is privately owned by the Cohn Family. Avoid crossing this private land in approaching the Aviary. (Harry Cohn, 1891-1958, was the American president and production director of Columbia Pictures Corporation.)

Further to the right of The Aviary rise two other hills, one that hosts Patagonia Pile, Labor Dome (a small, dark-colored formation directly opposite Hit Man Rock), and a blocky, squarish rock to the right and above Labor Dome known as The Heap. Hit Man Rock is a northern continuation of the west side of Steve Canyon. Hit Man’s routes include, appropriately enough: “The Hit,” “The Enforcer,” “Biscuit Eater,” “Skinwalker,” “The Bruiser,” “The Mechanic,” and “Acuity.” For those in the labor force, Labor Dome’s three routes are “Working Overtime,” “Woman’s Work is Never Done,” and “Time and a Half.” The Heap has three silly sounding names with “Pinch a Smelly Scrutinizer,” “Chicago Nipple Slump,” and “Bad Fun.”

At this time, we will forgo naming the routes on The Aviary, Watts Towers, and X-Factor Dome, but they can all be found on’s website if you must know!

West Side of Park Boulevard


2D The Aviary Group Gallery

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2D The Aviary Group Slideshow

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3D Anaglyph Gallery

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3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

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Hidden Valley Campground is one of the most popular campgrounds in Joshua Tree National Park. Yet campers seem to stay inside the campground confines for the most part. Rock climbers, of course, can be found on some of the ‘standard’ formations. For the most part, the Campground favorites get all the attention: Intersection Rock, The Old Woman, The Cyclops, The Blob, and Chimney Rock. Visit the Outback like I have and you will meet few other wanderers and wayfarers. Yet is it so close by!

John Murbach

Temple City, California


Posted 2015 Oct 24

Updated 2018 Nov 10