Steve Canyon

And The Blob Bouldering Area

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Steve Canyon is this cul-de-sac on the south end of the formation

Steve Canyon GPS: 34.018483, -116.168221


Trek Dates: Various

Steve Canyon rock-climbing faces

The Main Attractions on This Page

  • Steve Canyon ♦ South, East, North faces
  • The Orc Wall ♦ Sidewinder Rock ♦ Grain Surgery Wall
  • Cole Boulder ♦ Lizzy Boulder
  • The Blob bouldering area
  • Hit Man Rock

In a Supporting Role

  • The Heap
  • Patagonia Pile
  • The Blob

Close-at-Hand Are

Tidal Wave Bouldering Area

The Outback West ♦ Part 1

Sidewinder Rock at right, Grain Surgery Wall center

Steve Canyon, east face

STEVE CANYON AT HIDDEN VALLEY CAMPGROUND is a large U-shaped formation that opens up on its south side. It is located at Hidden Valley Campground’s western Outback. Park at the turnout on Park Blvd., then take a well-worn trail east around the right side of the formation closest to the road. Steve Canyon is the cul-de-sac on the right end of the formation.Several dramatic looking inside walls are found here including The Orc Wall, Sidewinder Rock, and Grain Surgery Wall. On the eastern side (outer perimeter) lies a complex of ribbed walls and boulders like Cole Boulder and Lizzy Boulder; plus, there are other serious large boulders on the sloping shoulder of The Blob.

Around the north side of Steve Canyon is yet another climbing feature known as Hit Man Rock. Here you will face such nice gentlemen as “The Hit,” “The Enforcer,” “Biscuit Eater,” “Skinwalker,” “The Bruiser,” “The Mechanic,” and “Acuity.” Across the canyon and high on a hillside is The Heap, a blocky, squarish rock whose climbing routes defy logic: “Pinch a Smelly Scrutinizer,” “Chicago Nipple Slump,” and “Bad Fun.”

The western edge of Steve Canyon is described in a separate gallery and is known as The Outback, West (see link above) where The Hot Tub, Cereal Rock, Watanobe Wall and Without a Trace (split boulder) feature prominently.

Orc Wall Climbs include “Grand Theft Avocado,” “Candelabra,” “The Orc,” “Orc Sighs,” “The Troll,” “Wingtips,” and “Tennis Shoe Crack.” Meanwhile, Sidewinder Rock is a prominent formation that sits at the entrance to Steve Canyon on the right side. It has a large headwall with a prominent dike running diagonally across it. Miramontes in his Joshua Tree rock climbing guide lists “Skinny Dip,” and “Invisible Touch,” as the two main routes. Deeper inside the cul-de-sac on the same side as Sidewinder Rock is a crag known as Grain Surgery Wall, with route names of “Grain Surgery,” “Super Monster Killer,” “Fist Full of Crystals,” “Hoopharkz,” “Deflowered,” and “The Decompensator of Lhasa.”

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2D Gallery ♦ Canyon Area


2D Gallery ♦ North End


2D Gallery ♦ East Side & Bouldering Area


Patagonia Pile at right and The Heap


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3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

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