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The Gathering Place

Indian Cove Group Campground Sites 1 to 13

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Group Campsite #11 Wall

Trek dates: 2017 Sep 24 & Oct 12; 2018 Feb 9

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  • Campsites 1 to 13
  • Group Camp #1 Wall ♦ Hodgepodge Rock
  • Group Camp #8 Wall ♦ Africa Face
  • Wall of Absurdities ♦ Empire Wall
  • Distant views of Grain Central, Valle de Duck, Morbid Mound

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  • Grain Silo
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  • Wide angle views of the Group Campground

Forgotten Canyon

Campsite Map, click to enlarge

Group Campsite #1

THIS LARGE JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK CAMPGROUND  has campsites around the bases of rocky formations and smoother inselbergs, tucked away in rocky coves, with some even rising on the edge of wide-open plains.

The Indian Cove grounds offer both group and regular occupancy sites. Two miles south of the ranger station is Indian Cove Campground. Just before the main campsite entrance, on the right, is the turnoff for the group campsites (with 13 sites). The regular campground has 101 camp sites and lies straight ahead.

Daytime visitors who do not plan on reserving a Group Campsite can park at one of two Public parking areas. The first is between Sites 4 and 5, and the second at Site 8. They can be identified by the No Parking 10PM to 6AM signs posted—meaning that these are free to use during the day. There are restroom facilities available near both.

Although there is no water within the campground, potable water is available two miles south at the Ranger/Entrance Station. Stock up ahead of time.

Distant Formations

Morbid Mound ♦ Grain Central Station ♦ Valle de Duck

Featured in Group Campsites ♦ Part 2 Gallery

2D Gallery

Group Campsites 1 to 6


Group Campsites #1 & #2 with Grain Central Station beyond, on the plain

Group Camp #1 Wall on left, #2 on right

Group Camp Wall #1 on left. Wall #2 (cracked pillar on right behind site 2). describes Wall #1 this way: “It’s north facing and characterized by several vertical cracks running up the face and a big flat slab on the left facing East. This area gets shade in the afternoon.
Approach via Group Camp Road or head in from the amphitheatre parking area. This wall is on the back of Circle Crag.” Climbs are: “Book of Durian,” “Bug on a Wall,” and “Group Grope.”

Miramontes, in his recently published book, describes the right-hand block as Wall #2. Germanic made-up names comprise this wall’s climbing routes: “Klettervergnugen,” left of the pillar; on the pillar itself, “Blitzkrieg” which has 5.12a difficulty ranking & three stars, and “29 Bombs,” rated 5.11a**. Lastly, “Katoomba” is found on a pointy boulder further right.

Group Camp Walls 1 and 2 Detail

Hodgepodge Rock

Hodpodge Rock at center of Group campsites 4, 5 and 6. The taller Campfire Crag beyond. Shot from the Grain Silo out on the plains.

Hodgepodge Rock. North face (above). This bucketed face lies just south of the road about 10 feet on the left. Hodgepodge truly is that, with numerous climbs on both the north and southwest faces. Routes include: “My Wife is an Alien,” “Hodgepodge,” “Ligamentor Seconds in Vans,” “Hot Tub Honey,” and “Unconscionable” on the side facing north. With easy, 40ft to 45ft climbs like “Locknoob Monster,” “Hedgehog,” “Hogback,” “Tumbleweed,” “Bakersfield Bomb,” “Briar Rabbit,” “Bittersweet,” and “Semisweet” among others, on the southwest side (see below).

Hodgepodge Rock, an end-on view. North side is shady most of the time. The cars are parked at campsites 5 and 6. The open area at right allows easy access from sites 5-to-8 to the Campfire Crag area (tall formation rear of Hodgepodge), as well as access to the further destinations near Center Crag/King Otto’s Castle formation at back right. Way on the distant hillside is Rattlesnake Canyon with its remarkable (but impossible to get to if you are a sane person) climbing formations.

Campsite 5, photographically and in 3D, has one of the most beautiful settings:

Group Sites 7 to 10

The always-enchanting Valle de Duck rock

From the more open areas beyond campsites 5 to 7, the theme switches on a dime, and dramatically, once past the restroom facility that serves campers 7 & 8 (on the left in this photo). As you can see, large rocky hills intrude and block the view of the distant Wonderland of Rocks. The next rock climbing feature: quite cleverly known as Group Camp #8 Wall, is the shady, north-facing wall on the extreme right.

There is a day-use dirt parking lot here as well, posted to allow public parking between 6AM and 10PM. Camp #8 Wall  gets lots of shade. Three routes range in height from 45ft to 50ft: “The Far Side”—at the far left side, naturally, followed by “Portal,” and “Milk Run.”

From this vantage in the Indian Cove Group Campground, the gently rising desert to the north reaches its acme point near a smallish formation known as (who knows why!) Valle de Duck. F.Y.I., Duck Valley, in English translation—along with its grander cousin Grain Central Station—will be discussed in Group Campsites Part 2, linked to above.

Indian Cove Early Afternoon in October

(Scenes at Group Campsite #8. Click photos to enlarge.)

Group Camp #8 Wall, with parking area at base

West sides of Hodgepodge Rock (left) and Campfire Crag (center), Group Campsites #5-8 area.

One of My Favorites ♦ Group Campsite #9

Group Sites 11 to 13

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Posted 2017 Oct 15