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Trek date: 2017 Oct 12

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  • Distant Upcountry Views of the Campground
  • Johnson Canyon Wash
  • Split Boulder ♦ Euhedral Wall ♦ Left Entrance Wall
  • Cove Canyon Dome ♦ Shuttle Rock

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Johnson Canyon approach from Indian Cove Campground

THE BOULDER-STREWN JOHNSON CANYON is approached from a short trail off of Campsite #14 (at N00b Rock). The closest public parking area can be found at Campsite 11 near the bases of Short Wall and Feudal Wall. There is a large brush-filled wash leading away from the canyon drainage out across the plain where it merges with Rattlesnake Canyon wash.

N00b Rock trailhead to Johnson Canyon

Johnson Canyon is the first wash/canyon south of Indian Cove Campground, behind the ridge containing the Wonder Bluffs (illustrated and described in King Otto’s Castle, Part 1 Gallery). At right is the trail from Short Wall/N00b Rock to the start of the wash, which runs southwest. A large, split boulder is near the entrance of the canyon (but not immediately visible until one gets quite close to the canyon’s mouth). This is Split Boulder, also known as Entrance Boulder. “Chute the Moon,” is the main climb on the smooth inside of the split boulder. Behind and above is another climbing area known as “Euhedral.”

Further back up the canyon are Cove Canyon Dome (Johnson Canyon’s former name was Cove Canyon). Also in this area is Left Entrance Wall and the Ancient Kingdom.

For those who enjoy rock-scrambling, a well worn trail leads to the rim above the sandy wash that leads out of the canyon; it is best, according to Robert Miramontes, author and former rock climbing connoisseur “to enter the canyon high on the right side, walking across ledges instead of dropping down into the wash. Continue into the canyon, staying to the right.” Notice the well-beaten path to the rocks in the right hand pictures above. (Credit to Miramontes, who illustrates this approach in his guidebook, Joshua Tree Rock Climbs.)

Hikers returning to campground


2D Gallery

Feudal Wall area at Indian Cove Campground


King Otto’s Castle, center


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Posted 2017 Nov 20