Moosedog Tower

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Moosedog Tower

Trek dates: 2017 Sep 24 & Oct 12

People do the strangest things. Moosedog Tower Descent from the route “Half Time,” photograph by “Blitzo”

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  • The Clump
  • Clump Canyon
  • Palmreader Wall
  • Dos Equis and Corona Walls ♦ The Tooth
  • Moosedog Tower
  • Apparition Rock ♦ Iron Hand Rock

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THE PINNACLE AT MOOSEDOG is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery and campsite locations in Indian Cove Campground. As such, the area is a focal point in the north end of Joshua Tree National Park. It projects from the hillside at 3345ft elevation, while below, a sweeping valley descends to the east where Rattlesnake Wash drains the Wonderland of Rocks.

West of Moosedog Tower is a region aptly called the Western Wilderness.

This granite hill containing Moosedog Tower measures 700 yards long (640m), east to west. It is bounded by Group Campground road on the north and the upper campground road on the south. As you can tell by the photographs, campsites are arranged at the base of the various walls and towers. The camp layout provides an easy stroll around this imposing formation.

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King Otto’s Castle, center. Looking east from Dos Equis Wall


2D Galleries

Named Formations

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The Clump ♦ Clump Canyon ♦ Palmreader Wall

The Clump is a series of formations that lie to the north of the road and run in an east-west direction along the campground road. The southeast end of these rocks is called The Clump. Clump Canyon’s southwest face is better known as Spider Wall (you will learn why in a second). The wall is behind campsites 63-65. In keeping with its arachnid alternative, the routes on the broken-up wall are “Boris the Spider,” “Spider’s Web,” “Poppa Spider,” “Momma Spider,” and “Crack 69.”

The Clump/Spider Wall, southwest face


The Clump/Clump Canyon, northeast face

View WSW. The Clump is at the extreme left from this angle. Clump Canyon’s northeast side can be barely made out. Arranged around the base of this good-looking eastern exposure are Campsites 56 to 62. Whereas the rock-climbing routes on the opposite canyon are all spidery, the ones on this side are definitively: “Finally,” “At Last,” “It’s About Time,” “Kinda Sorta,” and “Maybe.” Go figure!

The Clump area northeast hillside


Palmreader Wall & Campsite 66

Left of the small Clump/Spider cove section we come to Palmreader Wall, a mottled dark-with-light brown surface close to ground level. Palmreader Wall lies behind family site 66 and is identified by a nice looking 40′ hand crack splitting the face. The three routes are “Mystic Teflon,” “Palmreader,” and “Madame Salami.”


Dos Equis Wall ♦ Corona Wall ♦ The Tooth

GPS 34.094, -116.162

The sleek, dark brown Dos Equis is one of the more magnificent-looking walls in Indian Cove, and contains a handful of relatively long, moderate-to-difficult routes. Corona Wall is a smaller wall located further up the gully from Dos Equis, which offers slightly easier and shorter climbs. Dos Equis routes include: “Secondary Inspection,” “The Ranger Is Watching Me,” “Chihuahua,” “Skid Row,” “Tecate,” “The Highwayman,” “Flare Play,” “Scare Way”—well, you get the idea, inventive as always. Campsites along the rocky base.


The Tooth

This is a prominent spire facing west about 50 yards west of Dos Equis Wall. There are four climbs recorded: “West Face,” “Mountaineer’s Route,” “Character Flaw,” and “Handcracker.”


Apparition Rock ♦ Iron Hand Rock

Across the road from Dos Equis Wall, at campsites 96-101 is Appartition Rock. There are routes on the north face named: “Apparition,” “Cosmosis,” and “Mosaic Wall.” Behind Apparition Rock is another smooth-faced granite outcrop, mostly dark brown and about 200 yards south (behind) Apparition Rock. The routes on Iron Hand Rock are “Dogleg Right,” “Iron Hand,” and “Brown Cave.”

The Iron Hand is located high up on the hillside behind Apparition Rock and the walk-in campsites, over toward the west end of the Indian Cove campground.

Apparition Rock is the smaller of the two in the center. View from King Otto’s Castle, looking uphill.


Moosedog Tower

Wonderland of Rocks near Moosedog Tower


Moosedog Area Campsites


Moosedog Hill, west side

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Posted 2016 Nov 15