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Jumbo Rocks Conans Corridor trail Feature DSCF0620

Conan's Corridor (back right)

Conan’s Corridor Face (back right)

Jumbo Rocks Conans Corridor trail DSCF0809Conan’s Corridor Face as it is called is situated just north (and through) the corridor. Those who feel adventuresome can take a left turn and elbow their way through this brush- and boulder-strewn little canyon. From the northwest-end of it just beyond the large formation on the immediate right, follow a narrow canyon to the right and head north through Conan’s Corridor until the widening valley reveals the Corridor Face.

Routes on this climbing face tend to be difficult, in the 5.8 to 5.10 range, with popular ones being “Spiderman,” “Colorado Crack,” “True Dice,” “Gem,” and “Winter Wine.”


Trek dates: 2015 Sep 16 and 2016 Feb 24

Conan’s Corridor Trailhead 33°59’31.96″N 116° 4’6.21″W

Corridor’s Face 33°59’42.75″N 116° 4’5.20″W

Earth First Rock on left

Earth First Rock on left

Pathetic Dome

Pathetic Dome

THIS CONGLOMERATION OF ROCKS KNOWN AS CONAN’S CORRIDOR lies almost directly across Park Boulevard (north) from the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park’s Jumbo Rocks Campground. The rock climbers say that unlike the Jumbo Rocks Campground formations, the rock here tends to be quite good. Areas within the Conan’s Corridor include Corridor Face, Lost Corridor, Nuclear Reactor Rock, Pathetic Dome, Earth First Rock and Prime Clump. Earth First and Pathetic are the closest climbing formations to the road and Nature Trail entrance.

Be sure to spend an hour or so hiking the length of the beautiful and mesmerizing Nature Trail, which wends its way 0.7 mi through a surreal rolling landscape peppered with deep green juniper bushes and sandy washes before finally exiting this side of Jumbo Rocks at Skull Rock. There if you choose to you can continue across Park Boulevard to finish the rest of the loop trail (a further 0.5 mi) or retrace your steps. A small parking lot is available inside the Campground’s entrance (room for 4 cars) and further space is provided immediately along Park Boulevard across from the entrance, where the northern half of the Nature Trail Loop begins.

Conan’s Corridor area from northwest to northeast


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Thank you for visiting Jumbo Rocks 3D Galleries. There is much to see at Jumbo Rocks, as you have no doubt experienced. For this reason, it is one of the most popular campgrounds in all of Joshua Tree National Park.

John Murbach

Posted 2016 Mar 10

Updated 2017 Nov 4