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Jumbo Rocks The Wedge area DSCF6065

The Long View

Trek dates: 2012 Nov 5, 2013 Jan 31 and Apr 1

Exhibit Rock intrusive dike

Exhibit Rock intrusive dike

Exhibit Rock

Exhibit Rock

THIS LARGE TRIANGULAR ROCK ( 34° 0’6.31″N 116° 3’31.46″W ) is 0.8 mi past Jumbo Rocks Campground entrance and a diagonal shot across Park Boulevard from the iconic Pope’s Hat and Live Oak Picnic area 0.4 mi away. An Exhibit parking area on the north side of the road is the best approach. Rock climbers have staked out routes on The Wedge as well as at Exhibit Rock to its right and Cunning Rock (a.k.a. False Moosedog Tower) a large wall extending behind The Wedge on either side, the southern extention of which is approachable from the see-through boulder area (see below).

Exhibit Rock has a very wide intrusive dike at its base, for added interest.

Cunning Rock northwest face DSCF9099

Cunning Rock northwest face

Cunning Rock southeast face DSCF6026

Cunning Rock southeast face

As for Cunning Rock—to confuse matters further because it has two names—one might almost call it cunning and two-faced because rock climbers have staked out routes on both the sunny-side southeast face (visible from the road) and an almost-always-shady northwest face.

The wedge itself is a V-shaped block sitting atop a large rock near the left end of the formation on the north side of the road. It is pretty obvious from the vicinity of the Exhibit pullout. Three relatively easy climbs are recorded, “Wedge,” “Hex,” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

From the open space or passage at The Wedge’s base, a short 450 yard hike east takes you to another slot canyon where high on a granite platform rests a most exquisite large Balanced Rock ( 34° 0’8.95″N 116° 3’21.62″W ). Do not pass by the bulbous see-through rock at the base of Cunning Rock, southeast. You will spot a pair of oval openings in it. It behooves you to take its picture.

Jumbo Rocks The Wedge area DSCF0881


2D Gallery

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Spooky Hollow

Friend Elliot Koeppel photographed the above see-through boulder at exactly the right time of day when the westerly sun cast its shadow over the rock. Visit his web page Spooky Hollow to see this and other Nikon camera-crisp views of The Wedge and Balanced Rock HERE.


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Jumbo Rocks The Wedge area DSCF0927Thank you for visiting The Wedge at Joshua Tree National Park. Be sure to visit this interesting area on your next visit to the park.


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Posted 2017 Mar 4

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