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Trek date: 2017 Mar 9

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Zebra Cliffs


Sky King Rock and the Burnt Marshmallow

Main climbing wall inside Jumbo Rocks Corridor

JUMBO ROCKS CORRIDOR and the formations immediately east comprise the main rock-climbing stomping-ground within Jumbo Rocks Campground at Joshua Tree National Park. Although the campground has a fair amount of rock—well, okay, it is absolutely crawling with rocks of every imaginable size and shape—it tends to be grainy and rough. However, several areas have been staked out at the eastern end of the campsites. These are the imposing Jumbo Rocks Corridor followed further east on a platform of walls starting with Sky King Rock and Teepee Rock. All are easily accessible from the campground.

Jumbo Rocks Corridor (above) has many climbing cracks on the left (west) inner side of the corridor, the one you see here. Routes are named “Fingers of Frenzy,” “Handsaw,” (sounds threatening!) “Carnage,” (sounds even more sinister!) and “Mere Illusion.”

A few hundred paces right of the corridor massif will  be found the pyramid-shaped Sky King Rock (above right). Beside it sits a little dark brown block known as the “Burnt Marshmallow.” Other climbs on this big formation are “Chance Meetings,” “Flashpoint,” “The Fire Glove,” “Double Duty,” and “Shady Nook.”

Teepee Rock is at the right end of this wall

Teepee Rock lies about 150 yards north of Sky King Rock on the same raised platform. The characteristic “teepee” shaped cracks on the west face, according to Vogel’s climbing guide, constitute “Not a Hogan.” Other route names—which are always humorous or thought-provoking—include “Tortoise Skeleton Crack,” “Retirement Is All That,” “It’s Cracked Up to Be,” “Gracias a Dios,” “Busy Bees,” and “Scorched Earth.” Walk along the platform and admire the size of this jutting formation and imagine the courage that it takes to climb such an escarpment!

Speaking of escarpments, one-third of a mile south of these impressive Corridor area rocks will be found a series of dark-hued cliffs located around a large flat hill, known to the rock climbing community as Zebra Cliffs. An easy uphill trail from the end of the campground leads to the base. Aim for the small formation that is one or two hundred yards left of the cliff. Once you come up to it, veer right. (I have a separate Gallery devoted to Zebra Cliffs. See link above.)

Zebra Cliffs (follow the trail/footmarks up the slope from pavement’s end)


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Thank you for visiting the Jumbo Rocks Corridor formations in this large and extremely popular campground.

John Murbach

Temple City, California


Posted 2017 Mar 16

Updated 2017 Nov 4