Zebra Cliffs

At Jumbo Rocks Campground

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Trek date: 2017 Mar 9

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Jumbo Rocks Corridor

Approach from Jumbo Rocks Campground

Zebra Cliffs (follow the trail/foot-marks up the slope from pavement’s end)

Two people enjoying the view of Jumbo Rocks Campground. (Click to Enlarge. Click again to Enlarge further.)

ROBERT MIRAMONTES, IN HIS RECENT, authoritative Joshua Tree Rock Climbs book, describes these as “short but interesting crags” with “very unusual dark bands striping the rocks. Located behind the campground to the south is a large hill; the Zebra Cliffs bands are on the hill behind this one. If staying at the campground, it may be best to walk around the left side of the first hill. Otherwise, park at the campground entrance and walk south around the right side of the first hill. A faint miner’s road on this side leads toward the crags.”

Climbs on the dark escarpment walls with their horizontal stripes include “Zebra Dihedral,” “Holders Down the Fort,” “Short and Crank,” “Jim Cruise,” “The Sand Truck,” “More Frozen Food,” “Small Animal Sanctuary,” “Frozen Fish Fingers”…well, you get the idea, more of the same often-obscure names that have made Joshua Tree’s rock climber routes memorable.

After Joshua Tree Park received a goodly dose of winter rains, I hiked up the late-winter green dell on a fine 70F day. Trailhead begins at the far end (east) of the campground. It is a steady, easy hike uphill if one remembers to aim for a small formation 100yds left of the cliffs. Once arrived at this outcrop, veer right and you will reach the escarpment’s base.

Zebra Cliffs at left


2D Gallery


The main Jumbo Rocks rock climbing formations



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Posted 2017 Mar 17

Updated 2017 Nov 4