The Hen House

Via Live Oak Picnic Area

And Introducing Fugly Rock

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Trek date: 2018 Mar 29. Wayfarers E! & Murbachi

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  • Intriguing landscape
  • Grainy “Fugly” Rock
  • The Boulder-strewn Hen House Formation


Compare E!’s page to see the Henhouse Nikon-ally, clicky HERE

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Live Oak Picnic Area

The Pope’s Hat

Ivanpah Tanks


Live Oak Picnic Area


Stay to the right of these boulders

THE CURIOUSLY NAMED HEN HOUSE hosts five main rock climbs on its spiky crown, plus numerous bouldering possibilities around the base on all sides. The Hen House is part of a large sloping granite platform about a mile from Ivanpah Tank, and 1.25 miles from the parking circle at Live Oak Picnic Area. After exiting the wash at Ivanpah Tank, stay to your right and hike toward a pile of round boulders ahead. Once past the boulders (pass them on the right), Fugly Rock is straight ahead, and beyond, The Hen House.

According to the Mountain Project website, Fugly isn’t all that much to write home about: “The name of this climb tells it all. Climb up a very grainy face with a few difficult and thin moves past 4 or 5 bolts to the top. For a climb that pretty much sucks, it still has some strange appeal, so I had to give it one star. This climb is on a south facing formation just before you reach the Hen house, so it faces the Hen House area. As you hike it, it is usually on your left.” (The origin of the word? Enter Urban Dictionary Fugly into your browser’s search box.)

Fugly Rock

The Hen House Approach


2D Gallery

On your return to the Live Oak Picnic Area from The Hen House, the south buttress of The Pope’s Hat will stare you in the face. An imposing landmark, it has several climbing features on this end, including The Whispering Wall, Perjury Rock, Inquisition Rock, and the iconic Pope’s Hat.

Whispering Wall climber


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3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

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Posted 2018 Apr 3

Updated 2018 Apr 10