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Lost Horse Valley DSCF7585

Miles of Piles at left, Zombie Woof center

LOST HORSE VALLEY is the large valley encompassing Lost Horse Road formations, sweeping southeast as far as Key’s Point, five miles south of Cap Rock. The main points covered in the current Galleries all are in the northern portion of this valley. Following the lead of author and rock-climbing professional, Robert Miramontes, I am breaking this area into three distinct groups: the West Side (Valley), the North Side (Lost Horse Road), and the East Side (Roadside Rocks that are bisected by Park Boulevard).

Lastly, the final 4 miles of Lost Horse Valley, what I call The Uplands, flanks Keys View Road as the valley floor slowly rises from 4262ft elevation (at Cap Rock) to 5154ft elevation at Keys View parking lot. Scenic views, unpopulated by visitors for the most part, this is a serene area in which to explore or to just sit on a rock and enjoy your lunch or an afternoon snack.

The remarkable, often majestic features of Lost Horse Valley can be approached from (1) Lost Horse Road, (2) one of numerous Park Boulevard turnouts, (3) Hemingway parking lot, or (4) the Hidden Valley parking area as well as (at the southern extreme) via the Keys View Road which splits from Park Boulevard at the iconic Cap Rock area.

On this Page will be found 2D images exclusively, highlighting the various named formations and scenery. More detailed 2D & 3D Galleries can be found using the following links:

West ♦ Lost Horse Valley 1

  • Houser Buttress • Zombie Woof •  Miles of Piles
  • Blue Nubian Wall • Arid Piles

West ♦ Lost Horse Valley 2

  • Jimmy Cliff • Mt. Grossvogel • Cockroach Crags
  • Poetry Rock

West ♦ Lost Horse Valley 3

  • Aiguille de Joshua Tree •  Uncle Remus
  • Beetle Buttress • Lloyd’s Rock • Atlantis

West ♦ Lost Horse Valley 4

  • Super Creeps Wall • Super Heroes Wall
  • View of Ranger Station area
  • Lost Horse & Freeway Walls

West ♦ Lost Horse Valley 5

  • To Ranger Station via Super Heroes Wall
  • Ranger Station Wall
  • Views of Lost Horse Valley West and North

West ♦ Lost Horse Valley 6

  • Ranger Station Picnic Area
  • Hill Street Blues
  • S-Crack Formation

West ♦ Lost Horse Valley 7 (pending)

  • Candlestein Pass
  • The Protozoan
  • The Amoeba

North ♦ Lost Horse Valley 1

  • Pet Rock • Jellystone
  • Brian’s Crag • Lizard’s Hangout
  • Roadside Rock • Mel’s Diner • Bush Dome

North ♦ Lost Horse Valley 2

  • Granny Goose
  • Left Hand of Darkness (part of Granny Goose)
  • Ken Black Memorial Dome • Mindless Mound
  • Banana Cracks Formation

North ♦ Lost Horse Valley 3 ♦ Hemingway Area

  • Hemingway Buttress • Copenhagen Wall
  • I.R.S. Wall • Dairy Queen Wall
  • Playhouse Rock

North ♦ Lost Horse Valley 4

  • Filipino Wall
  • Freeway Wall •  Lost Horse Wall
  • Rock Garden Valley • Imaginary Voyage

East ♦ Roadside Rocks 1

  • The Mile Post • The Cathouse
  • Poon Dome • Pep Boy’s Crag • Dihedral Rock
  • East and West faces

East ♦ Roadside Rocks 2

  • Glory Dome • The Swidgeteria
  • Lost in the Shuffle • Found in the Duffle
  • Jam or Slam Rock

East ♦ Roadside Rocks 3

(Listed also as Hidden Valley Campground ♦ Outback West Part 2)

  • The Aviary • Watts Towers • X-Factor Dome
  • The Heap • Labor Dome • Hit Man Rock

South ♦ Lost Horse Valley

  • The Uplands
  • Johnny Lang Gravestone

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Hidden Valley Camground ♦ Outback West Part 1


Lost Horse Valley ♦ West

The view north, east and southward is best achieved from the western edge opposite Jimmy Cliff. I shot these in mid-afternoon. Click to Enlarge.


Houser Buttress to Jimmy Cliff

(Hover mouse over image to see caption)


Aiguille de Joshua Tree to Atlantis


Super Creeps Area


Lost Horse Ranger Station Area ♦ Super Creeps to Ranger Station Wall & S Crack Formation


Lost Horse Valley ♦ North

Jellystone to Mel’s Diner


Ken Black Memorial Dome to Banana Cracks


Lost Horse Wall & Freeway Wall



Hemingway to Playhouse Rock

Lost Horse Valley 14d Hemingway DSCF2811 wide


Roadside Rocks

The Mile Post to Dihedral Rock


Glory Dome to Shuffle/Duffle


Lost Horse Valley ♦ South, The Uplands


Ryan Mountain, center, with shadow partially obscuring Saddle Rocks at its western base

Lost Horse Valley, the uplands area right of center. With Cap Rock the nearest inselberg left of center

Lost Horse Valley, southern uplands area far right. The famous Cap Rock is the nearest inselberg left of center


I hope you enjoy your journey through the various Lost Horse Valley Galleries, there is much to see here, plenty to do, hours where you can while away a lazy afternoon at Joshua Tree National Park.

John Murbach

Temple City, California


Posted 2015 Nov 25

Updated 2017 Nov 5