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Jimmy Cliff Area

Jimmy Cliff Joshua Tree DSCF7454

Jimmy Cliff south face

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Lost Horse Valley 13b West Side


Trek dates: 2015 Feb 5 (solo) & Feb 23 (Murbachi & E!); 2016 Oct 3

Mt Grossvogel east side approach

Mt Grossvogel east side approach

HEADING NORTH FROM ARID PILES, the next group within the Lost Horse Valley monzogranite formations is that of Jimmy Cliff, the most prominent rock-hill in the immediate vicinity. Slightly south, a smaller pyramid-shaped structure is known as Mt. Grossvogel, while across the dirt road from Grossvogel perched on a nondescript rock pile is Poetry Rock. East of these and high on the ridge juts Cockroach Crags (see map above).

Cockroach Crags

Cockroach Crags

Further north you will find the famous Aiguille de Joshua Tree and its chunky neighbor Uncle Remus. But these are reserved for the next Gallery which you can find by clicking HERE.

Uncle Remus under the spotlight DSCF7642

Spotlight on Uncle Remus

Jimmy Cliff hosts the most rock climbing with routes on all sides. Some are colorfully named, such as, “Bad Boy Club,” “The Bronto’s or Us,” “Friendly Hands,” “Fiendish Fists,” “Chilly Willy,” “The Velveeta Rabbit,” “A Peanut Gallery,” and (a toughie) “They Found Hitler’s Brain.” Not to be outdone by Jimmy Cliff, Mount Grossvogel chimes in with “Blind Me with Science,” “Ranger Danger,” the easy “Ohm on the Range,” and logically, the toughest route, “Crazy Climber.” Not so difficult but next in line is “Berserk.”

Poetry Rock is a small formation that rises across the branch in the road on the west side of Mt. Grossvogel, with one climb “Poetry in Motion” lying on a small pinnacle.

Poetry Rock

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During my second trip into the region with friend Elliot Koeppel (nickname E!) the weather was thoroughly winterlike. Elliot’s beautiful Nikon photographs of the area, which he rendered in dramatic black and white, can be found on his Cali49 page HERE. Fortunately, Fate smiled on us and we found ourselves between two storms, so had a good ninety minutes with rewarding sunny patches. The golden rays pierced threatening clouds to give us exquisite photographic conditions. (To see more examples from this cloudy day, with similar rewarding possibilities please visit my Keys View Page.)

Stormy Morning in February at Jimmy Cliff

Stormy Slidesow

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2D ♦ Main Formations

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Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff, view from Lost Horse Ranger Station area

Jimmy Cliff, west face, from Lost Horse Ranger Station area


Mount Grossvogel


Cockroach Crags


General Lost Horse Valley Pictures


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3D Anaglyph Gallery

Be my guest and download as many of the 3D Anaglyph or 3D Half Side-by-Side photographs as you wish.



3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

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Aiguille de Joshua Tree 04

Google Image capture of someone posing atop the Aiguille (click to enlarge)

Thank you for your interest! After poking around a bit in the Jimmy Cliff and Mt. Grossvogel area on that storm-threatening day in February 2015, E! & Murbachi figured it was time to head to E!’s main destination, the secluded but often visited Aiguille de Joshua tree 30′ granite spire. You will find that posted in the next Lost Horse Valley Gallery.

We had freedom to roam undeterred by crowds given the locale and weather conditions, and would find us traveling across the open space with periodic splashes of brilliant sunlight streaming through the clouds.

Elliot at left, Aiguille behind right

Elliot with Aiguille behind right, Feb 2015

John Murbach

Temple City, California






Posted 2015 Dec 15

Updated 2017 Nov 6