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View of Freeway Wall and Rock Garden Valley, center

Freeway Wall and Rock Garden Valley, center



GPS 34° 1’15.56″N 116°11’0.91″W

Super Creeps, Super Heroes West Faces

From this angle, the formations behind Super Creeps Wall obscure it from view.


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super-creeps-area-joshua-tree-np-dscf4405Trek date: 2016 Sep 3. Wayfarers: E! and Murbachi

Conditions: High noon. 85F. SW wind 15. Humidity 12%.

TWO SMALL GRANITE FORMATIONS denote the Super Creeps area of Lost Horse Valley, Joshua Tree National Park. They are the northeast-facing Super Creeps Wall which fronts the road, and Super Heroes Wall (sometimes spelled ‘Heros’), an upright west-facing cliff.

super-creeps-area-joshua-tree-np-dscf4392There are beautiful kelly green juniper bushes dotting the rocks, occasional small pines, the usual screamin’ green Spanish-dagger Mojave yuccas whose piercing disposition you will not want to mess around with, a few well-behaved nolinas, Joshuas, scrub oak, and lastly, one handsome and camera-ready pinyon pine which has rocks conveniently situated. A patriarch of trees by Joshua Tree standards, this offers seating for 10 to 12 guests who will find welcome shade even on the warmest day. Best of all: no tourists.

The area spans 300yd along Lost Horse Road and another 200yd deep or a little over 12 acres, easy to navigate, with eye-candy every which way you look.

Super Heroes Wall

Super Heroes Wall

Super Creeps Wall. This small formation (image below) lies just north of the Ranger Station (Lost Horse) Road, approximately two-thirds of a mile from the junction with Park Blvd. From this point on, the road to Lost Horse Ranger Station is closed to public vehicular traffic. (Park at the convenient turnout if you wish to hike further to the hillside rock-climbing formations at the ranger station.) Super Creeps climbs tend to be difficult and include a pair of three-star routes per Randy Vogel’s climbing book. “Tales of Powder,” “Scary Monsters,” “Young Frankenstein,” and “Waltzing Worm” are your choices, with the latter being the most difficult.

Super Heroes Wall. Another formation lies about 100 yards west of Super Creeps Wall and faces west. My early edition Vogel lists three climbs, “Elmer Fudd,” “Mr. Magoo,” and “Yosemite Sam,” named after cartoon characters, while newer routes are described in Mountainproject.com, “Mighty Mouse,” “Underdog,” “Captain Kangaroo,” “S is for Super,” “Silver Surfer,” “Super Chicken,” Baba Louie,” “Chilcoot Sam,” and “G.A.C.”


2D ♦ Main Formations

Other photo shoots, 2014 Nov & 2016 Oct

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Super Creeps Wall at center

Super Creeps Wall at center

Super Creeps Wall ♦ Super Heroes Wall


Summer Excursion, High Noon 2016 Sep 3





2D ♦ Scene from Afar


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3D Anaglyph Gallery

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3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

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Thank you for visiting Joshua Tree 3D. I hope that viewing these photographs of the Super Creeps area at Joshua Tree National Park will spur you to visit it one day. Take a picnic basket; the large pine tree below the Super Creeps Wall provides ample shade even on the warmest days.

John Murbach

Elliot Koeppel shoots a video with his new GoPro camera

Elliot Koeppel shoots a Super Creeps video with his new super-creepy miniature GoPro camera






Posted 2016 Sep 8

Updated 2017 Nov 6