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Jellystone DSCF1356

Jellystone, southwest face

Lost Horse Valley 13f Google Jellystone area

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Trek Dates: 2014 Nov 4, 2015 Jan 2 and Oct 6

Mel's Diner

Mel’s Diner, northeast rock-climbing face

VISITORS WILL ENCOUNTER several interesting rock piles and crags rising from the desert floor at Lost Horse Valley’s northern edge. The largest among these is Mel’s Diner. Each of the ‘named’ formations listed above attracts rock climbers, of course. It was they who coined the unusual nicknames for the features around Joshua Tree National Park, as well as for the individual climbing routes.

Lizards Hangout DSCF6781

Lizard’s Hangout

The diminutive Lizard’s Hangout is a particular favorite of mine, which friend Elliot Koeppel (E!) and I photographed early in January, 2015. There were several climbers aboard despite the 32F temperature and residual pockets of snow after a 4″ snowfall two days before.

I returned nine months later on a bright autumn day to do the Jellystone formations. There are two Park Blvd. turnouts—at Pet Rock and Roadside Rock—along with a third, fairly substantial parking area with restroom facilities at the Lost Horse Valley Road junction found on your right (see map).

2D ♦ Jellystone, Brian’s Crag and Pet Rock

Three climbing routes attract bored climbers to Pet Rock, a small and “fairly forgettable formation” in the opinion of Randy Vogel, midway between Voice’s Crag and Lizard’s Hangout. They are on the west face, away from the road: “Excitable Boy,” “Pet Project,” and “She’s So Unusual.” Another more photographically interesting pile, lies about 90 yards to the southwest of Pet Rock and is named Jellystone. Several routes are on the east and west faces: “Yogi,” “Boo Boo,” “Mr. Ranger Sir,” “Smarter than the Average Ranger,” and “The Bear Necessities,” being among them. Further along the obvious path lies Brian’s Crag.

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Lost Horse Valley 13e Jellystone area

Jellystone and Brians Crag DSCF1319


2D ♦ Lizard’s Hangout, Mel’s Diner, Roadside Rock

Roadside Rock, north end

Roadside Rock, north end

“Another convenient crag right off the road, with many easy climbs and easily rigged torpedoes”—explains Miramontes when describing Lizard’s Hangout.

Lizards Hangout DSCF6783

Lizard’s Hangout, southwest end

I don’t know about ‘rigged torpedoes,’ but I am here to tell you that the named climbs are definitely thought-provoking. There are 16 of them if you can believe it for such a small boulder, with a few being “Poodle Lizard,” “Alligator Lizard,” “Wally Gator,” “Lizard in Bondage,” “Chicken Lizard,” “Lizard Taylor,” “Off to See the Lizard,” and “Komodo Dragon Direct.”

Mel's Diner and Bush Dome

Mel’s Diner and Bush Dome, view from Jellystone

Mel’s Diner squats about 250 yards southwest from Park Blvd. An amorphous blob like a rock hill amoeba it is actually rather large. Look for the clean block wall with two prominent tiers toward the right side. This is where the climbers head. Mel’s Diner also has an extension at its west end around back known as Bush Dome (visible on the right from this shot taken near Jellystone).


Mels Diner Joshua Tree NP



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3D Anaglyph Gallery

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It is with great pleasure I bring you Jellystone and the other seemingly off-beat rock piles at the north end of Lost Horse Valley. Few people have ever seen the beauty of this landscape captured in 3D photos. I hope that you enjoy them.

John Murbach

Temple City, California


Posted 2016 Jan 16

Updated 2017 Nov 6