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Ryan Mountain center, with Saddle Rocks in shadow at its base

Lost Horse Valley, the uplands area right of center. With Cap Rock the nearest inselberg left of center

Lost Horse Valley, the uplands area at far right. Cap Rock is the taller inselberg left of center


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  • Views of Cap Rock & Ryan Campground
  • 1999 Wildfire Burn Area
  • Johnny Lang Gravestone
  • Distant Shots of Wonderland of Rocks

Nearby Destinations

Cap Rock

Keys View

Ryan Campground

Lost Horse Mine


LOST HORSE VALLEY SOUTHERN UPLANDS. The stretch of road extending south from Cap Rock rises in a steady grade for slightly more than 4 miles. It ends at the Keys View parking lot. From Cap Rock (el. 4262ft) to Keys View (5154ft) is a steady climb of about 900ft elevation.

Keys View Road

Lost Horse Valley upcountry view from the Cap Rock nature trail

Lost Horse Valley uplands, from the Cap Rock nature trail

Burn Area

The area immediately south and west of Cap Rock was decimated by a lightning-strike brush fire in 1999 (14,000 acres). South of the burn area as the road heads uphill, there are many large Joshua trees, bushy junipers and the ever-present Mojave yucca, plus scattered pinon pines. No longer do we see much in the way of white monzogranite outcrops after leaving Cap Rock and Ryan Campground.

Johnny Lang Grave

There are several points of interest in this uplands area, including Johnny Lang’s gravestone (1870-1925), extensive views down the valley, and quiet serenity due to an absence of people. Most visitors stick to Keys View Road and maybe pause at one of several turnouts to snap a few photographs. Few, however, park and just walk into the wilderness in this area with its strikingly beautiful panoramas back down the valley. The southern end of Wonderland of Rocks creates a solid-looking wall of hills and individual inselbergs off in the distance.

This small group of photographs includes shots taken at various times from 2013 to 2015. The kneeling man in the photograph below is E! (sometimes known in dark circles as Elliot Koeppel).

Elliot Koeppel’s Johnny Lang Grave page HERE (opens new tab in your browser).

The Uplands



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