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Trek date: 2014 Jan 1. Time: Afternoon to the Golden Hour. Wayfarers Cali49 & Murbachi

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Queen Valley Overlook


Lost Horse Mine 02f view of Pleasant Valley

Down, down, down… and around to the right

THE LOST HORSE MINE LOOP is one of the most memorable treks Cali49 and I hiked. From start to finish including the viewpoint above the mine, we traversed 8.4 miles. (The mine is 2mi. from the car lot.) Total elevation gain to the mine is 588ft, after which a steady descent back to the parking lot. There are only a couple of ascending stretches. Since our intention was to do this area comprehensively, we devoted the entire day.

Add a mattress, house, bus stop, Burger King and you’d feel right at home

We chose a clockwise direction. Weather was perfect, about 50 degrees, clear skies, light breeze. We wore our jackets and backpacks, but many of the loop-hikers we met coming the other direction were in shirt sleeves or tank tops. Europeans, some of them, enjoying California’s balmy winter clime.

View of Pushawalla Plateau in the distance

Turns out this direction was ideal for our purposes (and lazy bones), since going CW requires only moderate effort with perhaps one or two mildly strenuous climbs after reaching the mine.

Fields of blackbush. Looking west toward Keys View

The counter-clockwise direction on the other hand includes some strenuous, steep uphill slogging before you get to the diggings.

One section of the trail had thick stands of Mojave yuccas and tall ancient nolinas, and we came across acres of blackbushes.

These perennials of Joshua Tree green-up in March-April after winter rains, flower, seed, and return to hibernation by May-June once the scorching sun’s influence has done its trick. The last mile before the trail swings around to the parking lot, it follows a wide sandy wash where tall, multi-branch Joshua Trees (which had been absent most of the hike) return to greet your return.

It being the New Years holiday, there were many others sharing the trail with us. See Elliot Koeppel’s Cali49 web page describing Lost Horse Mine. Elliot  has made a close study of the mine’s history and recounts it in superb detail HERE.

Lost Horse Mine from the Loop Trail

A wildfire ignited from unknown causes in the rugged hills between the Geology Tour and Keys View roads began 2009 May 24. It started shortly before 4 p.m. and was fueled by desert scrub, junipers, pinyon pines and Joshua trees. Gusty winds fanned the flames. When the Lost Horse Fire was finally contained several days later, it had scorched some 450 acres. Luckily, the flames missed the Lost Horse Mine.



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