Outer Mongolia

Guidepost to the North Wonderland

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Detour to Nolinas (which bloomed in this area)


Mistaken Rock ♦ Clean Crack Formation

Trek dates, 2015: Apr 24 & May 16

THE OUTER MONGOLIA area of the Middle Kingdom starts with a large, undulating hill on the northwest side, and some smaller but visually interesting (and photogenic) boulder piles dotting the terrain opposite. At about a mile and three-quarters from the parking lot, the hiking trail passes a pair of small, seemingly nondescript climbing formations known as Mistaken Rock and Clean Crack Formation. Before I discovered their names, I’d already partaken of a lunch and a much needed rest thanks to several small pine trees Mistaken Rock.

Eastward from here, the trail to Willow Hole points the way to the North Wonderland, with portions already visible, including Timbuktu and Super Dome. From a mile away, these two tower over the distant horizon the way Outer Mongolia does from the Boy Scout Trail further back.

Left, right, forward and back, the scenery grabs your attention. Though 2014-15 had been a dry winter in Southern California, Joshua Tree Park did receive slightly greater than average rainfall due to several provident systems that tracked-in from the south. On my first visit (Apr. 24), some clouds overhead partially obscured the sun around the noon hour, giving the camera ample play over the lit and unlit portions. Later on, returning to the car, I was met by an entirely different landscape lit in brilliant sun. On the second trip (May 16) when I hiked to Willow Hole, similar patchy clouds hung over the central portion of the North Wonderland for part of the day, again, creating a stunning backdrop for the images.

Sun & Shade, Apr. 24 ♦ 2D Slideshow

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Sun & Shade, Apr. 24 ♦ 3D Anaglyphs

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3D Anaglyphs ♦ Assorted


3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

(For 3D TV Viewing)


End of Outer Mongolia Galleries. Please check back later in 2015. I plan to take more detailed photographs of the Outer Mongolia hill.

John Murbach



Posted 2015 May 6

Updated 2017 Nov 8

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