Timbuktu Towers


And Atom Smasher Boulders

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Trek dates, 2015: Apr 24 & May 16

Cast of Characters

  • Timbucktu Towers
  • Hooter Rock
  • The Grey Giant
  • Dissapointment Dome
  • Super Dome

A HYPNOTIZING MAZE of canyons, ridges, and boulders plays host to some of the densest concentrations of White Tank monzogranite in Joshua Tree National Park. For the rock climbers, per Robert Miramonte’s “Joshua Tree Rock Climbs” book, “All of the approaches are long—2.5 miles just to the entrance—and once inside the Wonderland itself, navigating can be terribly confusing. Head down one wrong canyon or try to shortcut over a ridge and you’ll be punished by frustrating and tedious slogging through boulder-choked terrain. Getting lost is almost mandatory here!”

Timbuktu South Face

Timbuktu south face, with Hooter Rock in shadow at right

The area covered in this gallery, Timbuktu Towers, The Ivory Tower, and Atom Smashers, consists of domes and boulders surrounding a large open valley on the Wonderland’s north edge. Fortunately, due to its prominence, Timbuktu Towers is visible from a mile and a half away, perched high at the far eastern end of the second Middle Kingdom amphitheater-shaped valley.

Three large, cleanly fractured boulders sit at the base of the hillside and formation and are called Atom Smasher Boulders. Their routes, mostly all extremely difficult though only 20ft to 40ft high, include such names as “Shin Bashers,” “Quantum Mechanics,” “Isotope,” “Ionic Strength,” “Gumshoe” (gumshoe?), “Atom Ant,” and “Nuclear Arms.”

2D ♦ 3D Anaglyph ♦ 3D Half Side-by-Side

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Timbuktu Area ♦ 2D Slideshow

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2D Selections

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  • Use glasses to view 3D Anaglyphs
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3D Anaglyph Gallery


3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

(Save and view on a 3D TV. Half Side-by-Sides avoid the minor Anaglyph anomalies that can occur. Click images to enlarge. 1080p resolution. Or Windows users, right-click and choose SAVE LINK AS.)


Thank you visiting Timbuktu Towers! I hope that the 3D experience was enjoyable.

John Murbach


Posted 2015 May 6

Updated 2017 Nov 8

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