Parking Lot Rocks

At Keys Corner

Parking Lot Rocks Joshua Tree DSCF2241

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Keys Corner parking lot on an earlier trip

Trek dates: 2015 Oct 6, late afternoon “golden hour” & 2015 Oct. 22.

THE PARKING LOT ROCKS GROUP is approached east from the Key’s Corner Parking area (Boy Scout Trail) along a now-closed dirt road for about .5 mile, where you will soon encounter several formations that the rock climbers have staked routes on. These are the Parking Lot Rocks. Two are visible from the road, “Reggie Dome,” and “B-52 Rock.” The other pair are “Bubba Rock” nestled between and behind these, while “Garage Rock” lies behind “B-52” and is accessible from the west side.


2D Named Formations

(Hover mouse over each picture for caption. Click to Enlarge)

Reggie Dome climber (click to enlarge)

Reggie Dome climber (click to enlarge)

When I was there Oct 6, a climber was high up on the northwest face of “Reggie Dome” his route lying in the gap between Reggie and B52 to the right of a low-angled slab that is plainly visible when walking down the dirt road from Key’s Corner Parking area. (The smooth face with a split down the middle in the first image above.) Routes in this NW face include “Tender Flakes of Wrath,” “Thomson’s Acne,” “Ninny’s Revenge,” and the easy-as-pie climb, “Pops Goes Hawaiian.” The climber pictured appears to be on either “Tender Flakes of Wrath” or “Fresh Squeezed.” You choose. →

Other routes are found on Reggie’s northeast face such as: “Thomson Roof,” “Reggie’s Pimple,” and the cleverly worded “Reggie on a Poodle.” All told, Reggie hosts 18 climbs currently, a popular destination!

Enjoy Parking Lot Rocks. (They could have come up with a better name for this group. Descriptive, yes, but lame in my humble opinion. —Murbachi)

2D Scenery Nearby

Fortune smiled and I got to visit the site the first time (Oct 6) on a crystal clear early Autumn day just as the color tones were deepening from warm golden to late-afternoon shades of orange. I completed the group with a short follow-up visit a couple of weeks later.

2D Parking Lot Rocks ♦ 2015 Oct 6

(Click on image for full size)

2D Parking Lot Rocks ♦ 2015 Oct 22

(West Side Approach)

Parking Lot Rocks DSCF2438


2D Slideshow

(Images take a minute to load)

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3D Anaglyph Gallery

Download as many of the 3D Anaglyph or 3D Half Side-by-Side photographs as you wish. Share them with your friends. Windows users right-click and choose SAVE LINK AS. Note: 3D H-SBS images should only be saved if you have access to a 3D TV. Otherwise viewing them properly not be possible.


3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery


I appreciate your visiting Parking Lot Rocks and thank you most sincerely. Please see my other North Wonderland of Rocks Galleries by clicking the link to the Main Index at the top of this page.

John Murbach

Temple City, California

Posted 2015 May 6

Updated 2017 Nov 8

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  1. I enjoyed your beautiful shots of Joshua Tree. The composition was stunning. I heard that the trees were in danger and efforts are being made to save them.

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