Pinto Wye Mine Site #2

Near Pinto Wye Arrastra

Oz Area & Belle Mountain Vicinity

Abandoned mine #2 looking north. 29 Palms in distance.

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Trek date: 2018 Mar 29. Adventurers E! and Murbachi

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  • Unnamed Mine Site Ruins #2
  • Hilltop Views ♦ Pinto Wye Intersection
  • Belle Mountain Road & Work Yard.

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Pinto Wye Arrastra & Mine #1

Oz Area Munchkinland

Belle Campground

Becky’s Buttress

Elliot Koeppel’s Cali49 post of this mine HERE.


Pinto Wye Mine Site #2, at far right, is across the road from Pinto Wye Arrastra. Nearby parking in a large turnout. Easy access. Approx. 125ft elevation gain.

Pinto Wye mine site #2 hill (center), afternoon shadows view from Becky’s Buttress taken, 2017 Mar 17. Notice the conditions are much greener a year ago. 2017 was a rainy year, while 2018 had a very dry winter in Southern California.


ABANDONED MINING DIGS ARE FOUND THROUGHOUT JOSHUA TREE. The junction of Park Boulevard and Pinto Basin Road is below Elliot Koeppel in this edited shot; he relaxes on top of the hill’s west side. Park Blvd. snakes uphill from the north entrance toward Live Oak, Split Rock, Skull Rock, and Jumbo Rocks in the distance. On your left, Pinto Basin Road heads down south past the non-public Belle Mountain Road that services a Park maintenance yard. From the yard (see below), a series of paved switchbacks wends its way up to Belle Mountain (and JTree’s Webcam).

When driving toward Pinto Basin to the southeast (right picture below), one catches sight of a prominent feature jutting from the hillside. This is Becky’s Buttress (a rock climbing area—Becky has quite a charming buttress, see for yourself); next in line, the compact Belle Campground with its sleepy inertia; while lost below the horizon, the large and famous White Tank campground with its twin dams and soaring Arch Rock. 

Park Service Yard ♦ Becky & Belle

At Pinto Wye (the ‘Y’ in the road) there are several abandoned mining digs; also, a rock climbing area known collectively as Oz. This complex and vast area of rocks comprises Munchkinland, The Valley of Voices, Emerald City, and Hollywood to the northwest. Found in the same area is a small disused mine with a well-preserved ore-grinding mechanism known as the Pinto Wye Arrastra. Visit my Arrastra page HERE.

Oz Area with Munchkinland right of center

Directly east of the Arrastra a few hundred yards can be seen the low hill described in this Gallery (abt 125ft in elevation). At its crest Elliot told me about a second abandoned mine. We discovered that its ruins include a portion of the original ore cart rails still intact. There is evidence of a small rock wall hut here, also, possibly a sleeping quarters.

From the hilltop (3750ft elevation above sea level) the view shows the road up from the North Entrance, with 29 Palms residential area below. To the east, lies the aforementioned maintenance yard and road to Belle Mountain, while south, along the hillside about half a mile distant, is Becky’s Buttress. Belle Campground is visible with the iconic round-topped Castle Rock sticking up in the air.

Westerly, the ground rises steadily in elevation to 4000-4500ft. Off in the distance is The Hen House (our second destination on this trip) with Fugly Rock, The Pope’s Hat, and well beyond those, portions of Jumbo Rocks visible at the horizon.

(We have little information about this abandoned mine—what I am calling Pinto Wye Mine Site #2. If, however, it was worked contemporaneously with Mine Site #1 at the Pinto Wye arrastra/mill, presumably the ore from here would have been taken across the road for crushing.)


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 Mine Ruins


Post-Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Activation

E! Waves, Points, Pokes, Focuses, Bellows

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Posted 2018 Apr 1

For additional Nikon-quality shots of this well-preserved mine site, go to Elliot Koeppel’s page and read about it HERE.