Quail Springs Area

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Introduction (2D images only on this page)

  • The Maze ♦ Lizard’s Landing
  • Out on the Plains ♦ Samuelson’s Rocks
  • Negropolis Area
  • Vagmarken Buttress
  • Trash Can Rock ♦ AFPA Rock
  • Hound Rocks ♦ White Cliffs of Dover
  • Erotic Dome Group
  • Quail Springs Area Pumphouse


1. The Maze & Lizard’s Landing (coming soon)


2a. Quail Springs ♦ Out on the Plains

Out on the Plains 3D Gallery

2b. Samuelson’s Rocks

Samuelson’s Rocks 3D Gallery

See Cali49’s page where E! covers John Samuelson’s unusual epigrammatic rocks. LINK

Here is another fine site hosting some old-time photographs of John Samuelson’s rocks and cabin as it appeared in the late-1920s—sadly, no image of Samuelson himself is provided. LINK


3. Negropolis Area

Negropolis 3D Gallery


4. Vagmarken Buttress

Vagmarken 3D Gallery

If you are into buttresses, Vagmarken steps to the front of the line. The hill on which it resides is also formidable, and takes a good long while to circumnavigate on two legs…

The distance shots show how the topography slides gently to the west and southwest, with rain runoff flowing into Quail Springs wash, draining this part of Joshua Tree National Park. The large wash empties through the township of Joshua Tree several miles further and 2,500 feet below the entrance to the park. Annual summer flash floods can wreak havoc with the roads, Highway 62, and the residences there. Desert living!


Quail Springs Picnic Area

Trash Can Rock & AFPA Rock 3D Gallery

5a. Trash Can Rock


5b. AFPA Rock

(AFPA = “Across from Parking Area”)


6. Hound Rocks ♦ White Cliffs of Dover

Hound Rocks 3D Gallery

Named after the Sherlock Holmes story, includes Baskerville Rock and Hound Rock. The White Cliffs rise above this group a few hundred paces south. If you are seeking a beautiful picnic area far from the madding crowd and yet only 500 yards from the car and a convenient toilet facility, you could do no better than the slope on either side of Hound Rocks. To the south (left, on approach) beautiful vistas present themselves with the White Cliffs looming overhead, while on the north end (right, on approach) a shady pinyon pine grove dots the hillside, including convenient boulders to sit on.

The White Cliffs area gets shade most of the year since it faces North. Only in high-summer during morning hours will the sun strike it.

Hound Rocks elicits quiet ambiance similar to Queen Valley’s Pine City, though I think Hound Rocks earns a few extra points for the dramatic views of Quail Springs with its plethora of rocky inselbergs jutting up out of the desert, and the West Rim Wonderland of Rocks beyond.

(Cali49’s article describing Hound Rocks LINK)


White Cliffs of Dover (seen from Erotic Dome area)


7. Erotic Dome Group

Erotic Dome 3D Gallery

Instead of distant vistas and panoramic camera opportunities, with the Erotic Dome group of inselbergs you hike in-between the rock piles. There are four named formations: Erotic Dome, Voice’s Crag, Mini Crag, and Micro Crag. The thoughtful road surveyor made a turnout only a hop, skip and a jump to the north (first image), or you can use the roomy lot at Keys Corner across the street from Voice’s Crag to park.


Bonus! 2015.04.27 Erotic Dome, vicinity. “Big Blue” R.I.P., introducing for its Joshua Tree National Park debut (until he countermands me), E!’s …



8. Quail Springs Area, 2015 Winter Scenery

Remnants of snow cover the ground three days after a wintertime dusting. Visitors to Joshuatree3D.com can link to the snow-dappled 3D photos interspersed within the 3D Galleries listed above.

A December 30th storm had curved in from the south missing Los Angeles, 125 miles away, and deposited about 4″ of light powdery stuff in Joshua Tree according to the Park staff. These images were taken on a sunny clear blue morning three days after, January 2—the temperature at or slightly above freezing with the sun comfortably warm on our backs.

Wanderers & Wayfarers: E! ♦ Big Blue ♦ Murbachi


9. Quail Springs Area Pumphouse

Quail Springs Area Pumphouse 3D Gallery

Elliot Koeppel’s Pumphouse Page

(opens new tab in your browser)


Dangerous beast across the road from "Erotic Dome." E! placated him with a cookie...

Dangerous beast hiding in the rocks near “Erotic Dome.” E! placated him with a cookie…

I hope you enjoy the 3D Galleries linked to above.



Posted 2015 Jul 9

Updated 2017 Nov 8



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