Samuelson’s Rocks


Thoughts Etched in Stone

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Quail Springs 01 view west from Vagmarkken

Trek Date: 2013 Aug 30

See Cali49’s page where E! writes a substantial piece about John Samuelson’s epigrammatic rocks. LINK

Here is another fine site hosting some old-time Samuelson’s rocks photos and cabin as it appeared in the late-1920s—sadly, no image of Samuelson himself is provided. LINK

Hikers who visit Samuelson’s Rocks may want to detour a few hundred yards south (left) and see some old ruins and the remnants of a “Tin Lizzy” automobile on the edge of Quail Springs Wash before swinging north towards the low rocky hill on which John Samuelson etched his thoughts.


 2D Slideshow of Samuelson’s Rocks

(Pictures take a minute to load.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  •  Use glasses to view 3D Anaglyphs
  • Click to Enlarge Photos

3D Anaglyph Gallery


3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

( The Half Side-by-Sides are viewable on any 3D-capable TV)


DSCF4983I hope you enjoyed your 3D Excursion through Samuelson’s Rocks. Little could he have imagined when he was alive that he’d be famous one day!

Note: if you are wondering about the yellow spot on some of the pictures, it is a 1915 double eagle.

John Murbach

Joshua Tree 3D


Posted 2015 Jun 20

Updated 2017 Nov 8

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