Pine City

A Tranquil Refuge

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Pine City DSCF3940

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Nimble as a Bleating Bighorn Sheep

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Trek date: 2013 Apr 15. Explorers Murbachi & E!

Elliot Koeppel’s PINE CITY post

APRIL 15 CAN BE TAXING FOR AMERICANS, and it turns out our hike to Joshua Tree National Park’s Pine City had the added annoyance—albeit minor—of some dust swirling up off of the 29 Palms desert north and east of the Park. All the same, we encountered otherwise ideal Spring conditions, the many desert denizens blossoming, plus an absence of fellow travelers. We had the place to ourselves, in other words, until we were returning to our conveyance, when we passed several hikers going to see what they could find at Pine City.

Only 1.1 miles from where you park, it can take more than a day to explore and enjoy the solitude of this scenic area of the Park. Pine City was never a city or a town. At most, there may have been one or two small cabins which have vanished back into the sands of time. A few collapsed mine shafts are the only remains of this small mining area. Yet the place is an island of desert greenery with large pinyon pine trees growing among the rocky walls and boulders.

Here is what E! and I discovered…


2D Pine City Gallery

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Rockery & Scenery

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3D Anaglyph Gallery


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(Sorry to have to tell you but Anaglyph processing interferes with the color spectrum, mainly the reds. There is no way around it. Half Side-by-Sides are where you will experience the real beauty of these in 3D, but then you must view them on a 3D television. Alas!)

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Rockery & Scenery

Pine City 3DA 1080p DSCF3670


3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery


Pine City DSCF3779Thank you for visiting Joshua Tree 3D and the Pine City galleries. Pine City was never a township, but its abundant flora along with shading pinyon pines invites hikers, picnickers, and campers to its quiet surroundings.

John Murbach

Temple City


Posted 2016 Feb 13

Updated 2017 Nov 5