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Split Rock 04 DSCF9234 Split Dome

Trek date: 2013 Nov 25

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TO REACH SPLIT ROCK PICNIC AREA of Joshua Tree National Park, take the marked road that leads north off the Park Boulevard at a point 1.2 miles past Jumbo Rocks Campground. This road ends at the Split Rock Parking Lot. Picnic tables and a restroom are available, and on just about any day you’ll find rock climbers on the surrounding large granite formations.

Because the Split Rock area is quite extensive, I am making seven 3D Galleries which you can link to above or under each numbered heading. 3D images require red-cyan glasses to view properly. All photographs in this Main Index will be 2D.

  • Note: Split Rock proper—the large boulder immediately north of the parking area—has been declared off limits to climbing activities.

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This was a wonderful, entertaining trip to Split Rock. I traveled extensively through the area from the main picnic circle to the West Tiers hilltop, and finishing with the 2-mile Split Rock Loop Trail, the late-afternoon sun highlighting the myriad rock formations. I definitely recommend it to those wishing to explore JTNP further!

John Murbach

Temple City, California


Posted 2016 Apr 23

Updated 2017 Nov 4