Towers Hills • Second Trip

Northern Approach ♦ 2014 March 28

Central & Western Areas

Towers of Uncertainty Hills DSCF4002

(2D first. 3D Galleries and Slideshow below will require redcyan glasses to see the full 3D effect. Click Photos to Enlarge.)

Towers Hills Southern Approach ♦ 2014 Jan 23

Towers Hills Central & Western Areas ♦ 2014 Mar 28 (this page)

Towers Hills Eastern Areas ♦ 2014 Sep 28

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HAVING COMPLETED MY INITIAL TOWERS HILLS exploration from the south in January 2014, where I climbed an easy rock-strewn hill overlooking the main Towers of Uncertainty, I returned to the northern Towers area and Uncertain hills between the two a couple of months later. The time was late-March. This northern approach to the hills takes you upslope along an easy, rolling landscape from Surprise! Tank.

I found a suitable white granite bench to sit on and have lunch, at about 12:30. Next to it, a pair of dark green juniper bushes (see GPS coordinates in blue below). “Picturesque” doesn’t quite do the area justice unless—if I may offer an opinion that I hope is confirmed by what you see on this page—the adjective “surreal” is added. Surreal it was. And downright peaceful. What a idyllic picnic spot: the temperature was about 55 degrees; skies lightly cloud-covered over Ryan Mountain to the west and south. Something interesting to see every-which-way. I found myself in a small bowl-shaped basin in the hills; nobody else around. Well, perhaps a lizard or two, and maybe some black beetles going about their business, but no birdsong (or caws, as in ravens) could be heard. Barely a mile from the car, yet out in the middle of nowhere.

There was Table-rock before me, jutting from its hilltop perch and dominating the view. The dinky hill across from it that I had climbed two months ago looked unfamiliar and much more formidable from this angle: rugged, with poky pinnacles decorating its northern edge. And undoubtedly beckoning to any lone 3D wanderers like myself to frame it and admire.

Please be my guest and download as many of the 3D Anaglyph or 3D Half Side-by-Side pictures as you find interesting. Share them with your friends. Note: I include a 3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery at the end of this page for those who have access to a 3D TV, and can see them that way. Anaglyphs may be viewed on a standard 2D widescreen TV using suitable red/cyan glasses. 1080p high-definition is a “must.”


  • Use glasses to view 3D Anaglyphs
  • Click to Enlarge Photos

3D Galleries

Approach from North Towers & Surprise! Tank


3D Anaglyph Slideshow

Central Basin ♦ Lunch Hour

33°58’22.28″N  116° 5’17.95″W

(3D Anaglyph singles follow. Click images to enlarge. 1080p resolution. Or Windows users, right-click and choose SAVE LINK AS).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



 Western Perimeter




3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

Suitable for 3D TV viewing. Half Side-by-Sides avoid the minor Anaglyph anomalies that can occur. Click images to enlarge. 1080p resolution. Or Windows users, right-click and choose SAVE LINK AS.)




This completes the Towers of Uncertainty, Hills, 2014 Mar 28 trip.

Thank you for visiting

Posted 2014 Oct 7

Updated 2017 Nov 11

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