Towers of Uncertainty, South

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Towers of Uncertainty Joshua Tree NP DSCF9709

DSCF2148 Towers of Uncertainty Joshua Tree NPTowers of Uncertainty, from Geology Tour Road looking west ♦ Photo taken 2015 Oct 6

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Towers of Uncertainty 07 from Lost Horse hill


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First Exploratory Trip ♦ 2013 Nov 11 (this page) ♦ Southern Approach


Additional Towers-South Galleries:

Second Trip ♦ 2013 Dec 31 ♦ Main Climbing Formations

Second Trip ♦ 2013 Dec 31 ♦ The “Lost Pencil”

Third Trip ♦ 2014 Jan 23 ♦ The Spire Cathedral & Beyond

Third Trip ♦ 2014 Jan 23 ♦ Bird’s Eye View of Towers-South

Third Trip ♦ 2014 Jan 23 ♦ Mom, Pop & The Kids

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Demon Dome

A Quick Get-Acquainted Trip

There was time for some preliminary picture taking only while on the Geology Tour. The path marks our route.

E! and I made a brief stop at the Towers of Uncertainty in November, 2013. I had been wanting to see this area for some time. (See E!’s report  of our Geology Tour trip at Cali49.) With E! at the wheel of his Toyota Tacoma 4WD truck—which he calls “Big Blue”—we arrived at Stop 3 on the Geology Tour Road. There are between 15 and 18 “stops” along the 18-mile loop Geology Tour, depending upon which Park brochure you use. E! had along his dated but still serviceable 1975 Edition, which back then sported a cover price of 25¢.

Stop 3 indicates on the map a large Desert Wash, which is the featured item, geologically speaking. Our parking spot (suitable for 2 cars) was more sand-filled than the other stops along the loop road. Big Blue has 4WD, fortunately. E! was forced to engage it when exiting after our 45 minutes sojourn. For those who arrive in a 2WD conveyance, Stop 4 might be better. It has room for 2 cars as well. Our approach was easy as pie: across 400 or so yards to the beginnings of the Towers.

  • Stop 3 (parking for 2 cars; 4WD-only recommended, sandy)
  • Type: X-country
  • GPS:  33°58’0.87″N 116° 5’7.22″W
  • El. 4318ft
  • Approach: 400 yds; flat
  • Area: the rock climbing Towers of Uncertainty. Somewhat round to oval in shape, the area is 545 yds across E-W.
  • Features: a tight grouping of 40′ to 70′ formations, some with dark desert varnish, scattered nolinas, small to medium size Joshua Trees & Mojave yuccas scattered widely. The usual pincushion, beaver tail, silver cholla, and hedgehog cacti. A few knolls for picture-taking within, at the north end, and in the open area between the Towers and Towers Hills.
  • Views include Ryan & Lost Horse mountains (abt. 3-4 mi), Queen and Pleasant valleys, Hexie Mountains, Crown Prince Lookout, “The Galapagos” & “Virgin Islands” rock climbing formations, Pushawalla Plateau, Towers Hills, “Rocky Marciano,” “Jerry’s Quarry,” Malapai Hill, “The Lost Pencil,” etc. My favorite feature is at the NW corner, a sloping rise into what I call the “Spire Cathedral”.
  • The nine climbing rocks are “Crows Nest,” “Demon Dome,” “Two-Bolt Rock,” “Lava Dome,” “Gravity Rock,” “Cave Rock,” “Sunlight Rock,” “Friable Rock,” and “Reef Rock.”


3D Anaglyphs

Stop 3 ♦ Sandy Wash & Approach to Towers of Uncertainty

Since we were on a clock, and had time only for a cursory first look, this trip included the wash and some small rock features in the southeast quadrant. The limited stay did provide us many scenic photographs, despite our missing the Main Attraction. The temperature was perfect for November, about 58 degrees in the Park, air calm, dry as an old bone (use lip balm), and the cloudless skies a deep blue. The southern Towers formation lies at about 4300ft elevation. When shooting vertically up the higher formations, the sky provides a vivid royal blue canvas.

Royal blue sky from our December 31 longer visit


Southeast Section (per map above)

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Right-click and SAVE LINK AS to save full-size 3D Anaglyph image. Complete sets of this and the other Gallery sets available on request. Since some groups are several gigabytes in size, arrangements can be made to transfer/deliver them:

End of Towers-South Exploratory First Trip 3D Anaglyph images.


3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

Download these ONLY if you have a 3D TV on which to view them! All are either 1080p or 2016p quality. Choose half a dozen or so at first to try them out. Saves time and frustration if you are unable to view them.

Right-click and SAVE LINK AS to save full-size 3D HSBS image.

Complete sets of the other Towers Galleries available on request. Because the larger ones are several gigabytes in size, arrangements must be made to transfer them digitally and/or to deliver them by Snail Mail via an SD card:

Group of 79 3D H-SBS photos (the entire First Trip set):


This ends the Towers-South Exploratory First Trip 3D Anaglyph and Half Side-by-Side images. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your visiting the website.


Posted 2014 Sep 6

Updated 2017 Nov 11

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