Mom, Pop & The Kids

A Chance Encounter

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Trek date: 2013 Jan 23

HAVING SPENT the morning and post-meridiem hours canvassing the Spire Cathedral at Towers of Uncertainty, and climbing the small hill just to its north, I began my afternoon return to the car. Since I had done the west side on the way in, I returned by the east area of the Towers formations. This included following the dry wash a couple of hundred paces into the Towers Hills and then out again, my direction being toward the “Crow’s Nest” climbing formation. And then on south to Geology Tour Road parking area #4 (described on the GTR brochure as Stop 4).

Between the wash and “Crow’s Nest,” I had a pleasant encounter: one of the more delightful looking Joshua Trees in the park. So heartwarming is this persevering survivor, that I’ve given it the pet name of “Mom, Pop and The Kids.” The moniker is self-explanatory once you see it in all its 3D majesty. To honor it properly, and as sort of a thank you for giving my visit a refreshing close-of-day gesture, I circled the tree taking numerous photographs. The tree provides the subject. The formations in the background provide depth and 3D contrast; a perfect setting. I hope readers will enjoy them. (Scroll down to 3D Anaglyph Gallery 4½)


2D Mom, Pop & The Kids

(Click to Enlarge Photos)


  • Use glasses to view 3D Anaglyphs
  • Click to Enlarge Photos

3D Anaglyph Gallery 3

Into the Dry Wash

(Click image to Enlarge. Or Right-click thumbnail and choose SAVE LINK AS to Save. 1080p. 3D Anaglyphs. Use red/cyan glasses to view.)


3D Anaglyph Gallery 4

‘Neath Table-Rock

THE DRY WASH, on leaving the hill country, begins to snake its way down into the Spire Cathedral. We leave the wash behind at this point. Table-top rock, balanced above us and defying gravity, ushers us along the final 350 yds slope toward “Crow’s Nest.” I won’t say it is all that threatening, this protrusion. Likely as not, Table-top rock has stuck out there for hundreds of thousands of years. One day, however, the elements or gravitational pull or Apple iPhone App will cause its demise. Imagine the loud crash and crunching sounds when that happens! Until then, the same rule applies: use the red/cyan glasses to view the following 3D Anaglyphs.

(With the afternoon January sun low upon the horizon, images taken in that direction are darker than the others. I try to compensate for any possibility of purple sun-glare in the camera lenses.)

Photogenic Rocks—JTNP is truly a Dr. Seuss wonderland


The Joshuas reappear…


3D Anaglyph Gallery 4½ ♦ An Unusual Survivor

Introducing: Mom, Pop & The Kids

I lost count after 3. This appears to be a single plant that tipped over but said, “My word, this will never do!”

ToU 20140123 3DA 0788


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3D Anaglyph Gallery 4¾ ♦ Onward to “Crow’s Nest”


 3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery 3

Into the Dry Wash

(Click image to Enlarge. Or Right-click thumbnail and choose SAVE LINK AS to Save. 1080p. 3D H-SBS. For 3D TV viewing).

Beneath Table-top Hill to “Crow’s Nest”

Mom, Pop & The Kids

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Thank you for spending a few minutes looking over the photographs from this section of Joshua Tree National Park, an area that is rarely visited and therefore pretty much in its pristine, millions years’ old condition.

Posted 2014 Sep 22

Updated 2017 Nov 11



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