The Volcano ♦ Part 2

East Side

“Human Sacrifice” & Bouldering Area

The Volcano Joshua Tree NP DSCF1919

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IF YOU ENJOY CLIMBING ROCKS, or even if you just appreciate wandering through piles of huge boulders, the east side of The Volcano is where the action is. The quickest approach is from Stop 6 on Geology Tour Road (graphic above). Walk a few hundred yards along the south end of the formation (where the big bread-loaf boulder faces into the afternoon sun), and wend your way to the other side. Immediately you meet with numerous large rounded or sharp and angular rocks scattered upslope and threatening to tumble down the hill onto you.

The Volcano (and vicinity)

The Volcano (and vicinity)

The three main climbing groups are called The Volcano, Volcano Boulder, and Human Sacrifice Boulder. The first of these at the southern extreme—which you just passed—with Krakatoa Rock at its apex. Below and to its right, several giant blocks including one that is almost square (and split in two). Then comes Volcano Boulder (singular noun, and yet it refers to several various angular blocks shown in the illustration). Further along is Human Sacrifice Boulder.

The Volcano Joshua Tree NP DSCF2058

Hosted on these rock piles are at least two dozen routes, with I expect more added since the most popular climbing books were published. A fair number have crackpot names, such as “Frat Boys in the Gym,” “The Go-Gos on Quaaludes,” “Hair on My Tread,” “Sharp Desire,” “Human Sacrifice,” “Defenders of the Farce,” “Dictators of Anarchy” (which is rated 5.12c for difficulty and five stars for enjoyability), followed by an even tougher and just as enjoyable five-star, 5.13b “New World Order.” Further back, a rubble pile northeast of The Volcano hosts “Thunderclap,” and “Kook Book.” Plenty here for 3D imagery!


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Posted 2015 Oct 31

Updated 2017 Nov 6