Lechlinski Crack Formation

And The Ski Slope

Lechlinski Joshua Tree DSCF2123

Virgin Islands 11b Lechlinski

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QUEEN VALLEY LOSES ALTITUDE at an increasing rate along the Virgin Islands’ south end. The rock piles shrink in size (but not in interest) as illustrated in the above Lechlinski image.

Lechlinski Joshua Tree DSCF1608The famous Lechlinski cracks are visible from the west side, although the other top boulders and blocks provide a nice composition any inveterate photographer or casual hiker can enjoy. The scenery all around takes the breath away.

Below Lechlinski and The Ski Slope, the landscape continues past Malapai Hill and down the hill to Squaw Tank, where Geology Tour Road makes a 90-degree bend east (and 2-wheel-dirve automobiles aren’t advised to travel further). Seen from Squaw Tank or further out in Pleasant Valley, it is easy to see how steep the slope is, how stark and otherworldly this area of Joshua Tree National Park.

The Ski Slope (with summit block)

The Ski Slope (with summit block)

Lechlinski sports some moderate- to very-difficult rock climbs. The main “cracks” are furthest to the south with two parallel crack/flakes on the west face. Included are: “Lechlinski Cracks,” “Woodward Crack,” “S Crack,” “Vogel Crack,” “Waugh Crack,” “Black Nipple Fetish,” “Elevenfall Face,” “Robert’s Crack,” and “Kiddie Corner.”

Acros Geology Tour Road, The Ski Slope lies about 100 yards southwest of Lechlinski. The routes are on the northwest side of the summit pillar (visible in most of the photos). They are: “Eight signs of a Shaky Marriage,” “Meet John Doe,” “Randy the Riveter,” and “Reconstructive Surgery.”


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Posted 2015 Nov 1

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