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Trek dates: 2012 Nov 5 and 2014 Jan 2. Wanderers, E! and Murbachi.

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Additional White Tank 3D Galleries:

White Tank

Grand Tank

Elliot Koeppel’s February 2017 Post of Grand Tank topped off with water HERE.

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White Tank 2 from Eagle Cliffs

Link to Joshua Tree National Park’s BELLE MOUNTAIN WEBCA

Grand Tank (from inside)

Grand Tank (from inside)

THE ARCH AT WHITE TANK CAMPGROUND spans a 35ft distance and rises about 15ft above the underlying boulder. A short half mile trail travels past the arch and makes a scenic loop through extensive boulder fields at the north end of the campground.

DSCF0649The two small dams or “tanks” (which feature in separate 3D Galleries) were constructed in the early 1900s by cattlemen whose small dams dot Joshua Tree. They are constructed of rock and cement across the width of the washes. Rain runoff collected behind the wall and provided water for cattle and horses during dry periods. Like most of the many other tanks in the park, White Tank no longer holds water. The larger Grand Tank, however, does collect water from winter rains and again from passing summer thunderstorms.

White Tank’s jumbled rocks and narrow gullies are ideal for 3D photogaphy. I hope you enjoy viewing them!

DSCF5939Visitors will want to do the short loop trail for its beauty and wonderful rock formations—one of which my friend at Cali49 swears looks like the head of a breaching whale! You will definitely learn a lot about White Tank at Cali49’s website, linked to HERE. This be he →

DSCF0761Cali49’s name is Elliot Koeppel, but he often shortens it to “E!”—don’t ask, I have no idea why. If you promise not to tell him I said this, my guess is he’s confused because his parents gave him only a single ‘t’ when he was born. (But then consider the poet and playwright T. S. Eliot, who must have suffered sleepless nights throughout life due to his missing consonants!) Just to annoy Murbachi, E! wore a bright red shirt on our 2012 excursion to White Tank, one of two trips we made.

White Tank 20121105 3DA 1080p DSCF5939At the time, he was unaware that red clothing clashes with 3D Anaglyph images. The Fuji 3D camera’s original dual-image files are bright and vivid. (He is probably getting delayed satisfaction now that he’s read this bit.) Use the red-cyan glasses to view him in 3D as E! contemplates having his landscaper make a duplicate, full-size Arch for his balcony rock garden back home. He lives in an apartment, won’t the neighbors be surprised…


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Thank you! All in all, E! and I wandered around for several hours during the two trips. Getting to White Tank is easy as pie and the hike out to Grand Tank was enjoyable as well. I hope you liked the photographs.



Posted 2015 Sep 13

Updated 2017 Nov 7