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White Tank 1 from Live Oak

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Trek date: 2014 Jan 2. Wayfarers, E! and Murbachi

WHITE TANK IS A MINI-DAM. In its day I suppose it served its purpose. Now that there is a hole in the bottom, rain water drains through. A quick patch job taking perhaps an hour or two would put it right. But that would involve a select committee of experts today, and environmental impact statements, so until repairs are undertaken, a few wretched beasts and bugs are denied their sip of life-sustaining water. Seems a rotten deal.

White Tank Gallery includes our short hike circumnavigating the south end of the White Tank Campground. The approach fills the eyes with delight. Takes only a few minutes. The dam is tucked in close under a pair of rabbit ear rocks. Look for them once you are positioned correctly, and your destination lies dead ahead.

Grand Tank (from inside)

Grand Tank (from inside)

This Gallery concludes with a few too many E!-shots leading a clearly befuddled Murbachi to our final destination: Grand Tank. Grand Tank itself is worthy of the name.

DSCF0703Grand Tank is grander than its little cousin when one stacks them side-by-side, so to speak. Its location and 3D photogenic virtues are profoundly striking. I have set aside an exclusive Gallery for the 3D Grand Tank pictures. Jump to it HERE.

← ↑ White Tank can also be reached through this mind-boggling jumble of rocks—we did it for fun and it was a piece of cake. (Pie lovers: we found it was easy as pie to get to White Tank from the alternate direction.) You slip through a passage a few yards beyond Arch Rock.

Arch Rock 019Those who elect the Arch Rock route, follow the narrow gap that leads under the baleful eye of the “Wizard’s Tower.” Continue on through and then glance into a cul-de-sac squeeze where you’ll discover a honkin’ big boulder. Ask a friend to photograph you standing in front the way this happy person did! I would never do this myself, of course, but I know many pie eaters who will gladly give it a try… (Hover mouse over photos to read caption)

Again, please be my guest and visit E!’s GALLERY of photos from our January 2 hike.

2D White Tank

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2D To Grand Tank ♦ Slideshow

E! Leadeth Me to the Promised Dam …

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3D Anaglyph Gallery 1 ♦ White Tank



3D Anaglyph ♦ E! Leadeth Slideshow

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3D Anaglyph Gallery 2 ♦ Grand Tank Approach



3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

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