Wonderland Valley East

Surprise Rock to Pea Brain

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Wonderland Valley 01 View North

Trek date: 2013 Feb 22

On this Page 3D Galleries of

Disaster Dome

Disaster Dome

  • Wonderland Valley, East
  • Surprise Rock
  • Punk Rock
  • Freak Bros. Dome
  • The Weenie
  • Fat Freddie’s Cat
  • Pea Brain
  • The Red Obelisk
  • Disaster Dome

Nearby formations can be found at Wonderland Valley Central 1:

  • Duckwaddle Domes
  • Disneyland Dome
  • Thrutcher Dome

LEAVING ASTRO DOMES, the wash trends north. As mentioned in the introductory page, do not let this jumbled landscape deceive, there are open spaces aplenty throughout the valley’s gentle upslope.

"Old A Hottie Rock"

“Old A Hottie Rock”

Punk Rock with its boulder-decked crown, is one of the key locators whenever you find yourself disoriented. Directly below it on its southwestern flank is a curiously named Old A-Hottie Rock. Across the other side rises a wall of granite formations, uniquely shaped domes and piles, starting at Surprise Rock with its hanging boulder, then the triple-topped dome named after the comic book characters in “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.”

Wonderland Valley 09 Freak Bros


Next to Freak Bros. Dome is The Weenie. →

"The Greenhouse"

“The Greenhouse”

In a side canyon (Wonderland Wash, which drains the area east of Freak Bros.), facing north and west can be found the photogenic Red Obelisk, with two fairly large domes beside it known as Fat Freddie’s Cat and Pea Brain.

Wonderland Valley 11 Red ObeliskWonderland Wash exits from the east and divides the rock climbing areas. Beyond Wonderland Valley begins the Central Wonderland (see next section) including three tall formations (left-to-right): Duckwaddle Domes, Disneyland Dome, and Thrutcher Dome, and Vicinity, as it is rudely called. I am sure Mr. or Mrs. Thrutcher would deeply object to “Vicinity” playing second fiddle when Thrutcher is an imposing feature in and by itself. The Duckwaddle area is covered in a separate Gallery, described under the heading Central 1, on the Wonderland Valley Main Index page.

Freak Brothers[Note: There is a controversy raging concerning how Fat Freddie’s Cat should be spelled—with “…ie’s” usage in the rock-climbing guides, or “Fat Freddy’s Cat” in the comic strip. “Fat Freddy’s Cat” is a fictional orange tomcat nominally belonging to Fat Freddy Freekowtski, one of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, a trio featured in Gilbert Shelton’s underground comix.]


2D Slideshow

(Please allow a minute for the pictures to load. From the Wonderland Valley Main Index page. Individual images may be downloaded in full-size from there.)

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3D Anaglyph Galleries

Punk Rock ♦ Freak Bros. Group ♦ Red Obelisk


“3D Wee Willie Weenie Concerto” in E-flat Major

Disaster Dome

Disaster Dome

Medley of Select 3D Photos


3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

(Download these and view on a 3D TV. 3D-enabled televisions have settings for “3D Half Side-by-Side” projection. They require the set manufacturer’s special 3D glasses to view. Do NOT use your red-cyan Anaglyph glasses.)


End of Galleries. I appreciate your visiting Joshuatree3D and hope you enjoyed viewing the photographs as much as I did taking them. The Wonderland Valley is a special place that only one in a hundred visitors gets to see.

John Murbach


Posted 2015 Jul 16

Updated 2017 Nov 7

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