Wonderland Near East

Wall Street Mill Formations

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Trek dates: 2012 Nov 5; 2013 Sep 26 and Oct 13

For 3D coverage of the Wall Street Mill itself, including ‘Uncle Willie’s Health Food Store,’ the rusty automobiles, a rickety but still upright windmill, and William Keys’s ‘I Done Killed Worth Bagley Here’ memorial stone, visit the Queen Valley Main Page.

This 3D Overview covers the Near East periphery, with photographs taken from the Wall St. Mill trail and on the eastern hillside looking across the area. Closer inspection of the interesting rock formations will follow.

THE NEAR EAST SECTION OF QUEEN VALLEY from Uncle Willie’s Health Food Store to the Wall Street Mill comprises the mill site itself surrounded by a variety of photogenic rock piles. Hikers traversing the southern perimeter of Wonderland of Rocks have an easy approach to the crags and other key features. Moreover, the Mill hike is among the most popular in Joshua Tree Park, and is an easy three-quarter mile walk along an old dirt road. The Wall Street Mill proper is covered in a separate 3D Gallery.

View from Queen Valley

I visited this area on three separate occasions: once in November 2012 with Cali49, where conditions were dry, California having experienced a drought; a second trip in September 2013 with “Bucko” following summer thunderstorms that had brightened the foliage and sprinkled the ground with a beautiful golden carpet; and a third solo trip in October 2013 after the summer blush of color had been baked away.

Flexible Rock

Flexible Rock

On two of the trips, I took photographs from a hillside immediately to the east. This provides a stunning look into the rock climber’s curiously named formations.

The light-colored rocks and piles are White Tank monzogranite, while the darker-shaded hillside you see in some of the backgrounds is from the Queen Mountain monzogranite “pluton.”

Geologists guesstimate the granite is between 85 and 150 million years old. It eroded during wetter conditions. In the last several million years, as the local conditions changed (due to the rain-shadow effect of swiftly rising mountains to the north and west), the granite inselbergs were left as you see them today.


  • Use glasses to view 3D Anaglyphs
  • Click to Enlarge Photos

Ground Level ♦ 3D Anaglyph Gallery


Gazing from the Hillside ♦ 3D Anaglyph Gallery


Bonus: Clouds ♦ 2D

(2013 Oct 13. The remaining beautiful cloud formations in 3D will be found in the Queen Valley section)



Bonus: Clouds ♦ 3D Anaglyph


3D Half Side-by-Side Gallery

(Suitable for 3D TV viewing. Half Side-by-Sides avoid the minor Anaglyph anomalies that can occur. Click images to enlarge. 1080p resolution. Or Windows users, right-click and choose SAVE LINK AS.)


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John Murbach


Posted 2015 Jul 16

Updated 2017 Nov 7

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